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Men, Women & Children

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 4th December 2014

There's a fundamental flaw to this multi-strand social media-themed drama: it's told completely from the perspective of older people who are fearful about the possibilities, rather than the generation for whom electronic communication is the...

Tags: Rosemarie DeWitt - Jennifer Garner - Judy Greer - Adam Sandler - Dean Norris - Ansel Elgort

Say When [Laggies]

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 6th November 2014

Keira Knightley continues to open up as an actress with this sparky comedy. As in Begin Again and The Imitation Game, she taps into her own lively personality to create a punchy character who's loose,...

Tags: Keira Knightley - Chloe Moretz - Sam Rockwell - Mark Webber - Jeff Garlin - Kaitlyn Dever

Men, Women & Children

Video | 21st August 2014

One group of very different people - including popular high school teens and their less popular peers, and a married couple struggling in their relationship - is explored in a telling story of how social...

Tags: Ansel Elgort - Adam Sandler - Jennifer Garner - Judy Greer - Emma Thompson - Dean Norris


Video | 17th July 2014

Megan (Keira Knightley) is 28-years-old and she still hasn't got any sort of long term plan for her future. She earns a living as a sign flipper at her dad's business and is still dating...

Tags: Keira Knightley - Chloe Moretz - Sam Rockwell - Ellie Kemper - Gretchen Mol - Kaitlyn Dever

Short Term 12

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 31st October 2013

Documentary-style authenticity gives this understated drama a real kick as it explores the fallout of child abuse from an angle we'd never expect. But this isn't the usual devastatingly gloomy approach, as filmmaker Cretton creates...

Tags: Brie Larson - John Gallagher Jr. - Kaitlyn Dever - Rami Malek - Kevin Hernandez - Joshua Astrachan

Kaitlyn Dever Signs Personal Autographs For Fans 'The Wizard Of Oz' Opening Night - Part 10

Footage | 25th September 2013

'An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong' star Kaitlyn Dever takes the time to personally sign autographs for her fans with their names as she arrives for the opening night of 'The Wizard Of Oz' -...

Tags: Kaitlyn Dever

The Spectacular Now

Video | 26th June 2013

Sutter Keely thinks he has the perfect life; he's a high-school student with a car, a job he loves, a gorgeous girlfriend and the ability to make friends wherever he goes. Rather than thinking about...

Tags: Miles Teller - Shailene Woodley - Brie Larson - Kyle Chandler - Jennifer Jason Leigh - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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