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Video | 10th December 2014

Imagine a world where all your deepest darkest fantasies can be played out with no repercussions. That's exactly what Julian Michaels' new resort Vice offers; a glimpse into the lawless world of crime and illicit...

Tags: Bruce Willis - Thomas Jane - Ambyr Childers - Bryan Greenberg - Johnathon Schaech - Ryan O'Nan

Julia Roberts, Derek Hough & Rose McGowan Attend 10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards [Pictures]

by Elinor Cosgrave | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 18th October 2014

Julia Roberts, Derek Hough and Rose McGowan were amongst the celebrities in attendance at the 10th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards held at the Beverly Wilshire, Los Angeles on Friday 17th Oct.Julia Roberts was at the...

Tags: Julia Roberts - Derek Hough - Jessica Capshaw - Sasha Alexander - Morena Baccarin - Johnathon Schaech

The Prince

Video | 30th June 2014

Paul (Jason Patric) used to be a major figure in the Las Vegas crime world - known by his rivals as 'The Prince - before retiring to life as a mechanic in Mississippi as the...

Tags: Bruce Willis - John Cusack - Jason Patric - Jessica Lowndes - 50 Cent - Gia Mantegna

The Legend Of Hercules

Video | 20th March 2014

Alcides is the son of Olympian ruler Zeus and mortal Queen Alcmene who brought him into the world secretly with the true name of Hercules. He knows not of his real name or the circumstances...

Tags: Kellan Lutz - Gaia Weiss - scott adkins - Roxanne Mckee - Liam McIntyre - Rade Serbedzija

The Legend of Hercules

Video | 28th November 2013

Hercules is the secret son of Zeus and a mortal queen though he grows up not knowing his real identity or, indeed, his birthright. Believing he is the son of a dictatorial king, he struggles...

Tags: Kellan Lutz - Gaia Weiss - scott adkins - Roxanne Mckee - Liam McIntyre - Rade Serbedzija


Video | 1st March 2012

Flight 7500 is a plane flying from Los Angeles to Japan, a trip that should take approximately ten hours. Of the many people who board the flight, one is a cocky student who debunks the...

Tags: Amy Smart - Leslie Bibb - Jamie Chung - Nicky Whelan - Scout Taylor-Compton - Ryan Kwanten


Video | 22nd September 2010

Up until now Gordon Cozier and his bank robber gang have remained one of the most proficient crews in the business. Each robbery is planned with meticulous precision, nothing is left to chance and every...

Tags: Matt Dillon - Idris Elba - Paul Walker - Jay Hernandez - Hayden Christensen - T.I

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