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lynne jenkinson

John You are a rich man which gave your the advantage of marrying a woman many years younger than you are. You enjoyed the priveldge for nine years of being seen around with a very beautiful blond, which must have done a lot for your image. So you got taken to the cleaners. Tough luck! Trophy wives are an expensive commodity. You are a celebrity who has been round the track a few times it has happened to others of your ilk! Did you think that it could not happen to you. I do not agree with big divorce settlements but you should have seen it coming

4 years 6 months ago
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Blair Davidson

Here is a comment: In Cleese's "Mountaneer Sketch" the interesting point is that his apparent dillusion is that they will be climbing "both peaks of Mount Kilamanjaro". The truth is that Kilamanjaro does have two peaks,of 19,565 ft and 17,300 ft. Cleese was in the right as his luny character in the sketch.

7 years 12 months ago
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