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by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 31st October 2014

A riotous hybrid of alien mayhem and cabin-in-the-woods horror, this movie has a playful tone that makes it thoroughly entertaining. So even if the big emotional beats don't quite work and the plot seems to...

Tags: Brittany Allen - Freddie Stroma - Gil Bellows - Michael Ironside - Jesse Moss


Video | 30th September 2014

April (Brittany Allen) and her boyfriend Kyle (Freddie Stroma) have organised a romantic weekend away in April's parent's cabin in the woods. To April's dismay, Kyle has invited their friends Melanie (Melanie Papalia), Seth (Jesse...

Tags: Brittany Allen - Freddie Stroma - Jesse Moss - Emily Perkins - Ian Brown - Gil Bellows

The Overnighters

Video | 28th August 2014

'The Overnighters' follows a 'Steinbeckian' story of people flocking to North Dakota during the current oil boom. The documentary focuses on the lives of the people living in squalor, desperate for work, and a local...

Tags: Jesse Moss

The Big Year

Video | 29th November 2011

Brad Harris is having what he calls a 'no-life crisis'. He is stuck in a soul destroying job and he is still living with his parents, despite him being in his mid-thirties. The one thing...

Tags: Jack Black - Owen Wilson - Steve Martin - Rosamund Pike - John Cleese - Joel McHale

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

Video | 31st October 2011

Tucker and Dale are two friendly hillbillies who decide to rent a cabin in the woods for a couple of weeks. With a stunning view of the lake, the friends plan to take it easy...

Tags: Alan Tudyk - Tyler Labine - Katrina Bowden - Jesse Moss - Chelan Simmons - Brandon Jay McLaren

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