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The Hooligan Factory

Video | 21st May 2014

Danny has always wanted to be a football hooligan ever since he was a child. He managed to get expelled from school at a very young age and longs to be just like his imprisoned...

Tags: Jason Maza - Nick Nevern - Tom Burke - Ray Fearon - Steven O'Donnell - Morgan Watkins

Get Lucky

Video | 21st May 2013

Lucky and Raphael are two brothers with a habit of organised crime. However, that kind of a lifestyle can put you in some serious danger as the pair are about to find out when they...

Tags: Luke Treadaway - Emily Atack - Craig Fairbrass - Terry Stone - Marek Oravec - Jason Maza

Welcome To The Punch

Video | 6th March 2013

Max Lewinsky is a determined police detective who remains bitter about never managing to find and arrest the elusive criminal that is Jacob Sternwood. However, he is in with another chance of victory when Sternwood...

Tags: James McAvoy - Mark Strong - David Morrissey - Andrea Riseborough - Peter Mullan - Elyes Gabel

The Knot

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 5th October 2012

Clearly intent on being a British Hangover/Bridesmaids hybrid, this comedy romp doesn't contain a single laugh. It doesn't help that all of the characters (except perhaps one) are deeply unlikeable, or that the humour is...

Tags: Talulah Riley - Matthew McNulty - Noel Clarke - Mena Suvari - Jason Maza

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