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Jahmene Douglas - Forever Young

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JahméNe Douglas - Halo (Official Audio)

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Richard and Adam Living The Impossible Dream After Britain's Got Talent

TV talent show winners haven’t been so successful of late; think The X-Factor’s James Arthur and The Voice’s Leanne Mitchell. But Britain’s Got Talent Winners...

Stiff Records' Hilarious Press Release on Johnny Borrell's Poor Album Sales

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Keeping It In The Family: Nicole Scherzinger and Jahmene Douglas Join Forces In The Studio

Nicole Scherzinger is back in the studio after a hiatus so long, most of us forgot her solo career had been a thing.But that’s not...

2012, X Factor's Year of the Underdogs: Jahmene Douglas, Ella Henderson and Union J All Get Record Deals

The big prize you get for winning the X Factor has always been an enormous record deal, plus the exposure and immediate fan base created...


Watch Out James! X Factor's Jahmene Signs With Sony Music

Jahmene Douglas - the runner up on this year's X Factor - has signed with Sony Music. The deal follows hot on the heels of...

X Factor Stars Call for Kye Sones to Replace Christopher Maloney on Tour

Kye Sones could be replacing Christopher Maloney on the X Factor Tour 2012. The lineup change will be discussed by the show’s executives today, after...

Chris Maloney's Sour X Factor Exit Continues

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X Factor Update: Now the Show's Over, What Happens Next?

If you'd managed to avoid all news sources, Facebook, Twitter, and the television until now, you'll be overjoyed to learn that the bearded singer/songwriter James...


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