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We may know him as the helmet-wearing, temper-tantrum-tossing, nanny-teasing son of the Osbournes, but for all his goofy antics, Jack Osbourne- known as Jack Sabbath to his friends because of his passion for Black Sabbath- is also a talented drummer and music scout who has aided in the successes of several popular bands. Obviously, it would be easy to assume Jack's had a cakewalk life. Not so. Jack was diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) and dyslexia as a child, and once attended a school for A.D.D. students. Jack is home-schooled now, but is life any easier? Well, don't forget he spent five months under the constant scrutiny of MTV cameras, and now the whole country recognizes him. Of course, the fame the show has brought isn't all bad. According to Kelly, Jack's got older women, strippers, and all sorts of girls pawing at him when the pair hit the clubs. Just a few years ago, on a visit to "The Howard Stern Show" with his dad, Jack, then 14, said he didn't get many chicks at that point in his life because he only had 52 kids in his class and they all found him to be "weird." Despite all the changes fame has brought, Jack maintains he is as much like most teen guys his age. He loathes the Backstreet Boys, loves metal, and still gets embarassed by his parents: "My mom has a tendancy of flashing."

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jack osbourne and wife enjoy the sunny weather in n 220414
jack osbourne and wife enjoy the sunny weather in n 220414
jack osbourne and wife enjoy the sunny weather in n 220414
jack osbourne and wife enjoy the sunny weather in n 220414
jack osbourne and wife enjoy the sunny weather in n 220414

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From me 2 u's picture

From me 2 u

I don't believe that this will get to Jack, but hey, on the offchance....Jack, I am a 40yr old single parent. I have looked after my baby totally on my own for 12 years now. She is my life. I just had to say (Somewhere!) That your book inspired me. I read it from cover to cover and back again. It is one of the best books I have ever read. (And believe me, I read alot!) It is thought provoking, inspiring, funny, sad, explanatory and wild. I thought I'd had a wild ride!!Well done. I can't really say I'm proud of you because I don't know you from Adam, but if my daughter turns out to be half the person you seem to be now, my chest will be bursting with pride.Thankyou for sharing your ups and your downs.All the best, Stay strong.'J'

7 years 4 days ago
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Fred Marquez's picture

Fred Marquez

Jack, you have inspired me to get off my ass and get out there and live a more adventurous life. After watching you climb El Cap, the Alps, etc, etc...I am impressed, inspired and on the move.I am currently over weight by 50-60 pounds and your video series made it click for me...thank you.I am so happy for you and myself as I embark on a 6-12 month journey of my own.To your success, Fred

8 years 3 months ago
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kaye's picture


Jack,I saw you on a flight from Cape Town to Heathrow and was so impressed!!!!From the "person" we see on our screens as a loud mouth, obnoxious boy to the REAL person we saw on the flight, it just goes to show how the tabloids can change things around and how television programmes show the worst of people to increase there ratings. You are truly a credit to your family and have proved that anyone can change there lives for the better if they really put there heart and soul into it. WELL DONE JACK!!!! keep up the good work.

7 years 11 months ago
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