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After 35 Years, INXS Break Up While On Stage in Australia

by Michael West | News | | 13th November 2012

INXS is to split after 35 years together. Though an official statement is yet to be received, it is expected the group will go their separate ways after making an announcement (of sorts) while on-stage...

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INXS - Switch

by Alex Lai | Review | 17th January 2006

INXS"Switch"SonyReleased 23/01/06When Michael Hutchence was found dead in a hotel room in 1997, the other members of INXS lost a childhood friend, their frontman, and a key songwriter, while the world was left without a...

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Fortune and INXS just threw Bono's and U2's name out there for the publicity -- I mean, that all happened years ago in another country -- it's overwith -- a dead dog -- why keep bringing it up if not to get their names in the paper?

9 years 4 days ago
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