Humphrey Milles Videos

Humphrey Milles - Climbing My Tree

Year 2013 | Genre Alternative

Synopsis - Singer/ songwriter Humphrey Milles unveils a thought-provoking and truly stunning video for his new love song 'Climbing My Tree' taken from his recently released debut album 'Tall Stories'.Directed by Bella...

Humphrey Milles - Not Enough

Year 2012 | Genre Alternative

Synopsis - Humphrey Milles has now unveiled the poignant video for his upcoming single 'Not Enough' due out on December 3rd 2012 ahead of the release of his new album 'Tall Stories'...

Humphrey Milles - Breathe

Year 2012 | Genre Adult-contemporary

Synopsis - Stoke-on-Trent singer/ songwriter Humphrey Milles performs his beautiful new piano track 'Breathe' live at the Regal Rooms in West London. He will release the song as a B-side on his...


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