Holly Hunter Trailers

Paradise Trailer

Year 2013 | Genre Comedies

Synopsis - Lamb Mannerheim was a beautiful, smart, strictly religious, perfect young girl and the pride of both her parents and her local parish. That is until one day, when an accident...

Directed by

Starring , , , , , Kathleen Rose Perkins, Azure Parsons, Alyshia Ochse, , , , , Zac Waggener, Ciera Payton, Christopher Matthew Cook

Won't Back Down, Trailer

Year 2012 | Genre Dramas

Synopsis - An underprivileged mother (Gyllenhaal) determined to do the best for her child, takes action on discovering the failing situation of her daughter's inner city school. Her daughter cannot read and...

Directed by Daniel Barnz

Starring , , , , , , , , , ,


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