Hayden Christensen Trailers

Takers, Trailer

Year 2010 | Genres Action, Adventure

Synopsis - Up until now Gordon Cozier and his bank robber gang have remained one of the most proficient crews in the business. Each robbery is planned with meticulous precision, nothing is...

Directed by John Luessenhop

Starring , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Awake, Trailer

Synopsis - Awake Trailer Awake is a psychological thriller of a man (Hayden Christensen) undergoing heart surgery while experiencing a phenomenon called 'anesthetic awareness,' which leaves him awake but paralyzed throughout the...

Starring ,

Jumper, Trailer

Synopsis - Jumper Trailer Based on the book by Steven Gould, Jumper follows a young man (Hayden Christensen) from a broken home who discovers that he's the capability to teleport. In his...

Starring , , , Samuel L.Jackson

Factory Girl, Trailer Stream

Synopsis - Factory GirlTrailer StreamNew ClipA beautiful, wealthy young party girl drops out of Radcliffe in 1965 and heads to New York to become Holly Golightly. When she meets a hungry young,...

Starring , , ,


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