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Richard Branson Has Recorded A Simpsons Cameo

by Lenny Barksdale | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 20th August 2014

They say you haven’t ‘made it’ – i.e., reached the peak of your career- until you’ve had your Simpsons cameo. And even though Richard Branson was depicted in a season 22 episode alongside fellow billionaire...

Tags: Richard Branson - The Simpsons - Harry Shearer

Jonah Hill's Tiny 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Pay Packet & The Other Stars Who've Taken A Pay-Cut For Success

by Joe Wilde | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 23rd January 2014

Jonah Hill has made headlines recently after it was revealed he was paid just $60,000 for his Oscar-nominated role in The Wolf of Wall Street. Now, $60,000 is a lot of money to a lot...

Tags: Jonah Hill - Leonardo Dicaprio - Martin Scorsese - Harry Shearer - The Simpsons - Keanu Reeves

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