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Russtti Gaynor

Hi there!Are there any other females around {including in the showbiz profession} who look as stunning and sexually appealing as Halle Berry? - I sure would like to know them, although, to be fair, the original is always the best - And in Halle Berry's case she can never ever be beaten for her awesome eyes {gems}, those smiles, that sizzling body, her perfect booty ... ... See what I mean? Halle Berry can never be beaten in any category. She has never failed to get me horny and I know, just by looking at her, sexual failure is not a part of her life.Not a part of mine either. Ooh, what a princess! xxx- Russtti Gaynor - London, UK - 301106

7 years 4 months ago
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Hi there,I notice an error on your web page, stating Halle was born in 1968.She was actually born {August 14} 1966. Her birthday falls on the same day as mine. Therefore I'm bound to know more than a little about this stunning woman.Best wishes,Russtti Gaynor {081706}{Email: russttigaynor6969@hotmail.co.uk}

7 years 8 months ago
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