Green Day

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Green Day Biography

Green Day (formed 1987)

Green Day is an American punk rock band that has had huge global success since it's debut major label release, Dookie in 1994.

Green Day: Formation

As teenagers, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt started up a band named Sweet Children. The band's first show was in October 1987 in Vallejo, California, at Rod's Hickory Pit, where Mike's mother worked at the time.

The next year, the band began working with John Kiffmeyer who played drums but also booked shows for the band. In 1989, the band changed their name to Green Day and released their debut EP '1,000 Hours' on Lookout! Records.

In 1990, Lookout! Records also released Green Day's debut album, 39/Smooth, as well as two more EPs, 'Slappy' and 'Sweet Children'. The next year, they released 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, which was a combination of the debut EP and the debut LP. The drummer at the time, Sobrante, left to attend college and was replaced by Tré Cool.

Green day's second album, Kerplunk sold over 50,000 copies in the USA, which was an impressive amount for an underground punk band at the time.

Green Day: Hitting The Mainstream

Green day signed to Reprise Records and recorded their major label debut, Dookie, which was released in 1994. The singles, 'Basket Case', 'Longview' and 'When I Come Around' all received heavy MTV airplay and the band was added to the Lollapalooza and Woodstock bills. Dookie won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album in 1995.

Insomniac was released in 1995 and spawned the singles 'Geek Stink Breath', 'Brain Stew/Jaded', 'Walking Contradiction' and 'Stuck With Me'. The video for 'Walking Contradiction' won the 'Best Video, Short Form' Grammy Award in 1996. The band cancelled a European tour in 1996, due to exhaustion.

Released in 1997, Nimrod provided more of a diversion from the band's standard punk-pop fare. The album entered the US charts at number 10 and the single 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)' earned the band an MTV Award for Best Alternative Video. The song was twice featured in separate episodes of E.R..

Warning was released in 2000. The single 'Minority' was a hit for the band and so, to a lesser degree, was the title track. Warning earned a gold certification, though all of the band's previous albums had achieved at least a double platinum status at this point in their career.

Green Day then released a greatest hits compilation entitled International Superhits! In addition to this, they released a compilation of B-sides entitled Shenanigans and a collection of videos, International Supervideos! From Shenanigans, 'Espionage' was featured on the soundtrack to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and was nominated for a 'Best Rock Instrumental Performance' Grammy Award.

In 2003, Green Day collaborated with Iggy Pop on his album Skull Ring. The next year, their American Idiot album debuted at number one in the US album charts. American Idiot won the 2005 Grammy Award for 'Best Rock Album'. Recordings from the supporting tour were released as Bullet in a Bible.

In 2006, 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' was named 'Record of the Year' at the Grammy Awards.

Green Day: Side Projects

PINHEAD GUNPOWDER (feat. Billie Joe Armstrong)

THE FRUSTRATORS (feat. Mike Dirnt)

THE NETWORK (it has been reported that all three members of the band are in this band, under assumed names).

FOXBORO HOT TUBS (all three members of Green Day are in this band and played on its debut album Stop, Drop and Roll).

In 2006, Green Day collaborated with U2 and Rick Rubin to record a cover of The Skids' 'The Saints Are Coming', to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Green day's version of The Simpsons' theme tune was released as a single in July 2004.

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Green Day Picture Gallery

rock bands as lego 190314
leeds festival 2013 240813
leeds festival 2013 240813
leeds festival 2013 240813
leeds festival 2013 240813

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Green Day Festivals

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basketcase924's picture


I agree with everyone that has posted the stuff about how much they love Green Day. They do say what needs to be said, and i think that everyone else is too afraid to say it. they've got so much talent, and what is so great, is that they don't care what everyone else thinks. it's amazing how much impact one group of people (Green Day) has and how much everyone responds. they have an awesome story, and an awesome album. they are incredable individuals and at this time in america's history, we need people like them that are not afraid to say what they feel. i just with that i could thank them.

8 years 5 months ago
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GDlover19's picture


I mean who does not love Green Day they are like sooooo amazing. Green Day is the band that started all the PUNK ROCK music! They will always be the best band no one can ever change that. See i know lot's of people that don't like Green Day, but they just don't know what there missing.

8 years 1 month ago
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dantownsend's picture


Are you interested in a Greenday painting on canvas email me for further info and bob dylan, elvis, ian curtis, beatles (revolver album style) and many more also paintings in pop art styles are also on offer including jimi hendrix, jonny rotten, anthony kiedis, dave grohl, greenday, dylan, and again many more.... email me '''commision ideas welcome!'''you can choose the picture colour and size and i'll make it!thanks from dan.

7 years 8 months ago
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sistershownomercy's picture


GreenDay..............Stellar....Supplying us with the soundtrack to the way, way off broadway porn that plays in their minds...... Thanks guys

7 years 7 months ago
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Green day rule's picture

Green day rule

hey every1wow what can i say about Green Day other than they rock so f**king much. i went to see them in Milton Keynes, last year in June and it was the best time of my intire life, they have soooo much energy when they are on stage and they deffernatly know how to get a crowd all fired up and ready for the best night ever.i love them all sooooo much, i think they are all really gr8 looking, as i cant decide which one i fancy more than the others.Keep on rocking ladslove Lauz XxXx

8 years 2 months ago
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greenday freak's picture

greenday freak

greenday is really cooooooooooooool! i luv thm i listen 2 thm evryday and i won't ever get tired of them i've been a fan 4 2 and a half years and have almost all their albums i only need 2 more to have all their albums i even hav their dvd "bullet in the bible" it's great rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREENDAY U ROCK

8 years 4 days ago
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st jimmy mm's picture

st jimmy mm

GREENDAY is awesome thay put a perfect touch to the elbum with Jesus of Suburbia. God that song rocks i love every thing about Green DAY. American idiot is one of the best albums theyve done -american idiot-boulavard of broken dreams-st jimmy-jesus of suburbia its all good they can never stop rocking. I went to a concert in toronto holy f*** they rock.saint jimmy oh hes cool every thing about him is cool hes my hero and the rest of the band. bye yal

8 years 2 months ago
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Wannabe Billie Joes Wife ;)'s picture

Wannabe Billie ...

Green Day really rules! I saw them this summer in Sweden and they really showed me that they are the best band of the universe. I can't live without their music or Billie Joes beautiful face ;).I Love You So Much Billie Joe !!!! I wanna meet you :(

8 years 6 months ago
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green_day_rocks_my_socks_off's picture


GREEN DAY! YAY! oh who is this loser that is trying to convince people he wrote the song American Idiot? LOSER! GREEN DAY! LOVE THEM!-KC

7 years 5 months ago
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claire24's picture


greenday f**kin rule I WANNA BE BILLIE JOES WIFE OR BIT ON THE SIDE it dosnt really matter its all good i wonder does he need someone to follow him and pik up his socks i could definitly do that no prob!

7 years 4 months ago
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