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Rainer Brix

Dear Goldie Hawn, some Months ago, Larry King of CNN interviewed you in his Show. Before this Interview, I knew of you, and had seenyou in some Movies. Right after the Interview I looked for some E-MailContact of your's, but couldn't find some. There wereonly some Pornos and at the same Time some Spyware in-truded my Computer. So I sent some E-Mail to Larry King, and asked him to put some Question to you, I now want to put to you yourself via this 'Contact Point'. As a today Politician and creative Musician I got to know certain Persons, who are Actors and Actresses,and who run their own "Show". Additionally I read theAutobiography of Lawrence Olivier, who says in it..."All Actors are born Liers". Going by my Experience,this seems to be true.Now my Question: During this Interview with Larry Kingyou said spontaneously .."I can't lie"...Now what, do you think, makes you different from the "common" Actors and Actresses? I ask you this, because I am very much interestedin Self-Realization, and everything that has to do with it. Can Acting be Self-Realization ? Isn't Acting - goodActing too - some kind of Fraud ? I hope, that you send me some Reply. Rainer Brix E-Mail:

8 years 1 month ago
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