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by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 19th September 2013

While this odd biopic is a real mess, it's not quite the cinematic disaster snootier critics claim it is. Essentially fan fiction, the script spins a story that has only the vaguest basis in fact,...

Tags: Naomi Watts - Naveen Andrews - Douglas Hodge - Geraldine James - Juliet Stevenson - Cas Anvar


Video | 7th August 2013

Princess Diana was most definitely one of the most famous and inspirational women in the world, known to all as the People's Princess. Never seduced by the lure of wealth, fame and royalty, she lived...

Tags: Naomi Watts - Naveen Andrews - Douglas Hodge - Geraldine James - Daniel Pirrie - Cas Anvar


Video | 12th June 2013

Princess Diana was known across the world as the 'People's Princess'. Her beauty, dignity and grace, not to mention outstanding generosity led her to be one of the most loved people in the world. The...

Tags: Naomi Watts - Cas Anvar - Juliet Stevenson - Naveen Andrews - Lee Asquith-Coe - Douglas Hodge

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Video | 26th September 2011

Mikael Blomkvist is a journalist for Sweden's 'Millenium' magazine, a monthly publication that has a decent amount of readers. After publishing a shocking expos' on a billionaire businessman, he is sued for libel but loses...

Tags: Daniel Craig - Rooney Mara - Embeth Davidtz - Robin Wright - Stellan Skarsgard - Christopher Plummer

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

Video | 25th July 2011

In 1892, the Crown Prince of Austria is found dead; his death is ruled as suicide, according to Scotland Yard detective Inspector Lestrade. But Sherlock Holmes knows that this isn't true: all the evidence suggests...

Tags: Robert Downey Jr - Jude Law - Noomi Rapace - Rachel McAdams - Jared Harris - Stephen Fry


Video | 30th March 2011

Arthur Bach is a man who's always had everything he wants, from driving around in the Batmobile to his floating bed and music lessons with Kanye West whatever Arthur wants he gets. Many would say,...

Tags: Russell Brand - Helen Mirren - Luis Guzman - Greta Gerwig - Jennifer Garner - Geraldine James

Made In Dagenham

Video | 26th May 2010

In 1960's England, there wasn't such a thing as womens rights in the workplace, for the most part they were treated as an underclass. Working for less pay was just one of the pitfalls of...

Tags: Sally Hawkins - Miranda Richardson - Rosamund Pike - Jaime Winstone - Bob Hoskins - Daniel Mays

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