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Angels Sing - Trailer

Video | 21st November 2014

Christmas is a time for family, although there are those who would argue it is an over-commercialised capitalist holiday. One of these people is Michael Walker (Harry Connick, Jr.) who cannot stand Christmas. When their...

Tags: Harry Connick Jr. - Willie Nelson - Connie Britton - Chandler Canterbury - Fionnula Flanagan - Lyle Lovett

Life's a Breeze

Video | 12th August 2014

One Irish family decide to make a nice gesture for Nan by tidying up her house which was full to bursting with old newspapers and junk. After a planned day out with another family member,...

Tags: Fionnula Flanagan - Kelly Thornton - Pat Shortt - Eva Birthistle - Brian Gleeson

A Foodie Delight: 'Tasting Menu' Serves Up Spanish Style, Foot Fetishism, And An International Cast [Trailer + Pictures]

by Lauren James | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 3rd March 2014

Tasting Menu is preparing to open in America after having premiered in Spain last year to acclaim. The Spanish-set, bilingual movie pushes the boundaries of international cinema with a unique premise and sumptuous shots of...

Tags: Stephen Rea - Jan Cornet - Togo Igawa - Fionnula Flanagan

Tasting Menu

Video | 3rd March 2014

Marc and Rachel haven't seen each other for a whole year since their relationship ended, but they are now forced to re-unite once again to fulfil a date they have been waiting for for a...

Tags: Stephen Rea - Jan Cornet - Fionnula Flanagan - Claudia Bassols - Togo Igawa

Fionnula Flanagan Didn't Let Her Family Watch 'Yes Man'

Footage | 22nd May 2012

Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan chats to photographers on leaving a Beverly Hills nail salon. She confesses that she didn't let her family see the comedy movie 'Yes Man' in which her character performed a sexual...

Tags: Fionnula Flanagan

The Guard

Video | 29th June 2011

Sergeant Gerry Boyle is a cop, working in a small town in County Galway, in the western part of Ireland, with a love of prostitutes, dropping acid on his days off and a dying mother....

Tags: Brendan Gleeson - Don Cheadle - Liam Cunningham - David Wilmot - Rory Keenan - Mark Strong

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