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Fightstar - 99

Label The Orchard

Fightstar - Floods

Label The Orchard

Fightstar - Deathcar

Label The Orchard

Fightstar, Floods

Synopsis - Fightstar Floods Video Fightstar release their next single, Floods on March 3d 2008 through Gut Records. The track has a brand new video which includes stunning CGI animated footage from...

Fightstar, Deathcar

Synopsis - Fightstar Deathcar Video Fightstar unleashed their brand new single 'Deathcar' on December 3rd 2007 whilst spewing blood everywhere, you can see the results in the uncut version of the video...

Fightstar, We Apologise For Nothing

Synopsis - Fightstar We Apologise For Nothing Video Fightstar will be releasing 'We Apologise For Nothing' on September 17th, 2007 through Institute Recordings. It is the first single proper to be taken...

Fightstar, Waste A Moment, Video Stream

Synopsis - Fightstar Single – Waste A MomentRelease date: February 27th February 2006Album - Grand Unification Release date: March 6th 2006Click here to watch the video for Fightstar's new single "Waste A...


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