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Devil's Knot

Video | 11th June 2014

Devil's Knot is a biographical thriller drama based on the events of the West Memphis Three case directed by Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter, Chloe) and written by Paul Harris Boardman and Scott Derrickson (Sinister,...

Tags: Reese Witherspoon - Colin Firth - Dane DeHaan - Stephen Moyer - Kevin Durand - Mireille Enos

Winnie Mandela

Video | 9th August 2013

When young Winnie Madikizela first set eyes on lawyer and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela in 1957, it was love at first sight and it wasn't long before she became Mrs Winnie Mandela. However, their idyllic...

Tags: Jennifer Hudson - Terrence Howard - Elias Koteas - Wendy Crewson - Tessa Jubber - Norman Anstey

Now You See Me

Video | 16th April 2013

Michael Atlas is the leader of the most formidable magician group ever seen, The Four Horsemen, alongside Merritt Osbourne, Henley and Jack. Being able to pull off some of the most baffling illusions ever seen,...

Tags: Morgan Freeman - Dave Franco - Isla Fisher - Mark Ruffalo - Woody Harrelson - Jesse Eisenberg

Now You See Me

Video | 20th November 2012

Michael Atlas is an extremely accomplished illusionist and the leader of his own remarkable band of magicians known as The Four Horsemen which his henchmen, Merritt Osbourne, Henley and Jack, are a part of. Knowing...

Tags: Morgan Freeman - Dave Franco - Isla Fisher - Mark Ruffalo - Woody Harrelson - Jesse Eisenberg

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Video | 1st November 2011

It's been six years since best friends Harold Lee and Kumar Patel escaped from Guantanamo Bay. In that time, Harold has a high paying job and is concentrating on starting a family with his wife...

Tags: John Cho - Kal Penn - Neil Patrick Harris - Paula Garces - Elias Koteas - Patton Oswalt

Dream House

Video | 4th August 2011

Will Atenton is a successful publisher living in New York with his wife, Libby and their two children. Wanting a change of pace, he quits his job and moves his family to their dream house...

Tags: Daniel Craig - Naomi Watts - Rachel Weisz - Marton Csokas - Claire Geare - Taylor Geare

The Killer Inside Me

Video | 24th May 2010

Lou Ford leads -what looks to be a pretty unremarkable existence, he's the deputy Sheriff of a small town but has two girlfriends one who works as a schoolteacher and the other a prostitute. When...

Tags: Casey Affleck - Jessica Alba - Kate Hudson - Simon Baker - Bill Pullman - Liam Aiken

Shutter Island

Video | 11th January 2010

Watch the trailer for Shutter Island In the 1950's mental patients were incarcerated in some of the worst hospitals. The mental institution on Shutter Island held the majority of America's criminally insane. When two federal...

Tags: Leonardo Dicaprio - Mark Ruffalo - Ben Kingsley - Michelle Williams - Patricia Clarkson - Emily Mortimer

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