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Jupiter Ascending

Video | 27th March 2014

Jupiter Jones has an unfortunate life, barely scraping by with her job cleaning toilets as a janitor. She wouldn't have thought that her life would ever be anything meaningful, but she couldn't be more wrong....

Tags: Channing Tatum - Mila Kunis - Eddie Redmayne - Sean Bean - Terry Gilliam - James D'Arcy

Jupiter Ascending

Video | 10th December 2013

Jupiter Jones is an impoverished janitor who dreams of a life with much more purpose than she is living. She is convinced that her life will always be one of the many in the world...

Tags: Mila Kunis - Channing Tatum - Sean Bean - Eddie Redmayne - Douglas Booth - Terry Gilliam

The Comedian

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 31st May 2013

There's some interesting material in this dark British drama, but it's so relentlessly grim that we are never able to connect with anyone on-screen. It doesn't help that all of the characters are pretty unlikeable....

Tags: Edward Hogg - Elisa Lasowski - Steven Robertson


Video | 25th October 2011

Edward de Vere is the illegitimate child of Queen Elizabeth I, as well as the Earl of Oxford. In his youth, he wrote a play called A Midsummer Night's Dream but was forbidden from writing...

Tags: Vanessa Redgrave - Rhys Ifans - Joely Richardson - David Thewlis - Xavier Samuel - Edward Hogg

Bunny & The Bull

Video | 22nd October 2009

Watch the trailer for Bunny & The BullFrom the makers of surreal British TV series The Mighty Boosh comes Bunny & The Bull. Stephen Turnbull is depressed - to say the least, he hasn't existed...

Tags: Edward Hogg - Simon Farnaby - Veronica Echegui - Noel Fielding - Julian Barratt - Richard Ayoade

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