Edward Burns Trailers

Alex Cross Trailer

Year 2012 | Genre Thriller

Synopsis - Alex Cross is a homicide detective in Washington DC who comes across a series of gruesome and elaborate murders on duty. The victims look as if they've been tortured to...

Directed by

Starring , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Friends With Kids, Trailer

Year 2012 | Genre Comedies

Synopsis - Jason and Julie are single thirty-something Manhattanites. They've been best friends since college but aren't remotely attracted to each other. While at dinner with friends one night, Jason notices the...

Directed by

Starring , , , Chris O'Dowd, , , , , , Brian d'Arcy James, , ,

Man On A Ledge, Trailer

Year 2012 | Genre Dramas

Synopsis - Nick used to be a cop, before he was jailed for stealing a diamond worth forty million dollars. Not long after he was released, he got set up by the...

Directed by Asger Leth

Starring , , , , , , , ,

27 Dresses, Trailer

Synopsis - 27 Dresses Trailer Katherine Heigl, who earlier this year got Knocked Up in the hit motion picture comedy from Judd Apatow, and nabbed an Emmy® for her starring role as...

Starring , , ,


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