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Duke Special - Sweet, Sweet Kisses

Label Universal Music Group - International

Duke Special, Sweet Sweet Kisses

Genre Pop

Synopsis - Sweet Sweet Kisses video from Duke Special. The first single from Duke Special's new album is titled 'Sweet Sweet Kisses', the album 'I Never Thought This Day Would Come' was...

Duke Special, Our Love Goes Deeper Than This

Synopsis - Duke Special Our Love Goes Deeper Than This Video Duke Special re-releases his album 'Songs From The Deep Forest' next week. The re-release features a live orchestral version of the...

Duke Special, Freewheel, Video Stream

Synopsis - Duke Special Freewheel Video Duke Special is poised for even greater success with his stunning new single 'Freewheel', released February 5th. Taken from the critically acclaimed LP 'Songs From The...

Duke Special, Last Night I Nearly Died, Video Stream

Synopsis - Duke Special Last Night I Nearly Died Video On Monday the 16th of October, Duke Special releases his new single 'Last Night I Nearly Died'. Duke has just been confirmed...

Duke Special, Portrait, Video Stream

Synopsis - Duke Special Portrait Video StreamPortrait is the new single from Duke Special, a performer brimming with a sound that is self-confessed "hobo-chic". Blissfully at home in his own alluring genre...


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