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Deus - Ghost

Label Universal Music Group - International

Deus, Slow

Synopsis - dEUS Slow Video Slow is the new single from dEUS, released on April 21st 2008 as a double A-Side with another track 'The Architect' through V2/Coopertative Music. The single is...


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dEUS - Following Sea

Devoid of marketing, and manifestly, hype, dEUS's new album Following Sea arrives only a year after their previous release Keep You Close. "This isn't a...

dEUS - The Jagz Kooner Excursions

dEUSThe Jagz Kooner ExcursionsAlbum ReviewThis is what we could perhaps call an objective review, free from pre-conceptions, bias and all the other baggage that reviewers...

dEUS - Pocket Revolution

dEUS Pocket Revolution V2 Album Review Occasionally an album slips through the net. I have been a fan of dEUS for some time now, yet...


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