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Bryan Cranston Is Joined By 'Breaking Bad' Co-Stars At 2014 Peabody Awards - Part 1

Footage | 29th May 2014

Bryan Cranston was joined by his 'Breaking Bad' co-stars Betsy Brandt and RJ Mitte at the 73rd Annual George Foster Peabody Awards held at The Waldorf Astoria in New York. The awards ceremony recognises service...

Tags: Bryan Cranston - RJ Mitte - Betsy Brandt - Boris McGiver - Sebastian Arcelus - Jayne Atkinson

'Fargo' Stars Adam Goldberg And Glenn Howerton Arrive At The Paley Center - Part 2

Footage | 16th April 2014

Adam Goldberg and Glenn Howerton were among the stars of FX Network's 'Fargo' TV series who arrived on the red carpet for the Media Presents event at the Paley Center in New York.There were many...

Tags: Adam Goldberg - Glenn Howerton - Martin Lawrence - Mark Boone Junior - Kaitlin Olson - Joe Weisberg

Dom Hemingway

Video | 11th December 2013

Dom Hemingway is a rather adept safecracker with serious anger issues and an addiction to drinking, women and partying. Having just completed a draining 12-year stint in prison, he's desperate to make up for lost...

Tags: Jude Law - Richard E. Grant - Demian Bichir - Emilia Clarke - Jumayn Hunter - Kerry Condon

Dom Hemingway

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 14th November 2013

Definitely a film of two halves, this crime comedy kicks off with a spark of witty energy as the title character blusters his way through a series of events with hilariously profane rants. Then the...

Tags: Jude Law - Richard E. Grant - Demian Bichir - Emilia Clarke - Kerry Condon - Jumayn Hunter

Machete Kills

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 10th October 2013

Robert Rodriguez returns to Grindhouse territory with this B-movie spoof sequel that mixes hilariously knowing jokes with painfully stiff storytelling. Fans of the genre will love it, but those expecting a sense of narrative momentum...

Tags: Danny Trejo - Michelle Rodriguez - Demian Bichir - Mel Gibson - Charlie Sheen - Amber Heard

Machete Kills - Alternative Trailer

Video | 7th October 2013

Machete Cortez is a formidable former member of the Mexican Federal Police and happens to be one of the most badass, ruthless killers ever known. He is enlisted by the US President on a new...

Tags: Danny Trejo - Michelle Rodriguez - Amber Heard - Mel Gibson - Charlie Sheen - Jessica Alba

Dom Hemingway

Video | 25th September 2013

Dom Hemingway has recently completed a 12-year stint in prison for his criminal exploits as a talented safecracker but, needless to say, he is anything but reformed. On his release, he meets up with his...

Tags: Jude Law - Richard E. Grant - Demian Bichir - Emilia Clarke - Jumayn Hunter - Kerry Condon

The Heat

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 1st August 2013

Miss Congeniality shows up The Other Guys in this riotously funny buddy-cop comedy, which overcomes its silly script with the ingenious pairing of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. The plot is essentially a flimsy framework...

Tags: Sandra Bullock - Melissa McCarthy - Demian Bichir - Marlon Wayans - Michael Rapaport - Jane Curtin

The Heat's Wave Of Reviews Is Hardly Warm - Melissa McCarthy And Sandra Bullock Play It Safe

by Elinor Cosgrave | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 28th June 2013

Critical reviews of The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, have been more lukewarm than scolding.Sandra Bullock plays Sarah Ashburn, an FBI agent incapable of having fun (sounds familiar?), who is paired up with...

Tags: Melissa McCarthy - Sandra Bullock - Michael Caine - Demian Bichir - Michael Rapaport - Marlon Wayans

Director Paul Feig Arrives At 'The Heat' NY Premiere Alongside Much Of The Cast - Part 2

Footage | 25th June 2013

Director Paul Feig was joined on the red carpet at the New York premiere for 'The Heat' at the Ziegfeld Theater by his wife Laurie Karon and several of the movie's stars including Demian Bichir...

Tags: Demian Bichir - John Ross Bowie - MICHAEL MCDONALD - Eric West - Erin Brady

Machete Kills

Video | 3rd June 2013

Machete Cortez, a former Mexican Federale agent, returns on another mission to kill as the President of the United States calls him up to recruit him to take down a dangerous and wealthy arms dealer...

Tags: Danny Trejo - Michelle Rodriguez - Amber Heard - Mel Gibson - Charlie Sheen - Jessica Alba

The Heat

Video | 28th November 2012

Sarah Ashburn is an FBI special agent with an unmatched record for closed cases. However, she is as much valuable as she is disliked as her flawless reputation has inflated her ego and turned her...

Tags: Sandra Bullock - Melissa McCarthy - Taran Killam - Kaitlin Olson - Michael Rapaport - Demian Bichir


by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 21st September 2012

Oliver Stone takes a stab at returning to a nastier, more edgy filmmaking style, but simply can't escape his moralising ways. Indeed, this film looks great, with whizzy camerawork and kinetic editing, and a willingness...

Tags: Taylor Kitsch - Aaron Johnson - Blake Lively - Benicio Del Toro - Salma Hayek - John Travolta

A Better Life

Video | 20th June 2011

Carolos Galindo, an illegal immigrant and single parent, moved to the U.S. to chase the American Dream, bringing his teenage son, Luis, with him. Carolos spent what little money he had to work as a...

Tags: Demian Bichir - Jose Julian - Chris Weitz

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