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In a World...

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 12th September 2013

After playing comical sidekicks in rom-coms like No Strings Attached and What Happens in Vegas, Lake Bell emerges as a rising-star filmmaker with the smartest, funniest comedy of the year. Winner of the screenwriting award...

Tags: Lake Bell - Fred Melamed - Demetri Martin - Ken Marino - Michaela Watkins - Rob Corddry

'In A World'...Where Lake Bell Talks About Voices [Trailer]

by Elinor Cosgrave | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 17th June 2013

Lake Bell revealed in an interview with Yahoo! Movies that she was trying to address more than an inequality in the film industry with her new movie In A World, if we subconsciously associate power...

Tags: Lake Bell - Eva Longoria - Fred Melamed - Demetri Martin - Michaela Watkins - Rob Corddry

In A World

Video | 17th June 2013

Carol is a successful vocal coach with an extraordinary talent for accents, even training the likes of Eva Longoria for acting roles. However, her one ambition remains practically unattainable - to become a voiceover star....

Tags: Lake Bell - Fred Melamed - Demetri Martin - Michaela Watkins - Ken Marino - Rob Corddry


Video | 21st July 2011

When Beth Emhoff returns home after visiting an opening ceremony for a new factory, she complains of jet lag and her husband, Thomas Emhoff, thinks nothing of it. He becomes concerned when she falls ill,...

Tags: Matt Damon - Gwyneth Paltrow - Jude Law - Marion Cotillard - Kate Winslet - Laurence Fishburne

Taking Woodstock

Video | 9th October 2009

Watch the trailer for Taking WoodstockWoodstock Festival was almost not meant to be, originally the permit was pulled, only when Elliot Tiber stepped in and spoke to the organisers offering them the use of his...

Tags: Demetri Martin - Emile Hirsch - Liev Schreiber - Paul Dano - Henry Goodman - Imelda Staunton

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