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Hello! I was really looking for news of David Walliams and/or of Little Britain since they are (or have been) here in Australia doing live shows.I was rather surprised at the lack of any news; either I've missed these or else they've been too busy ... The usual thing when there are celebrities out here is that they are plasted all over the magazines; papers and news! I've seen them once on channel 7 early one morning just after they arrived!So, I don't really know what's been happening; where they are or have been and where it's up to at the moment... as a fan I was expecting the usual coverage ..... I wonder what happened that way?Oh well, I'll just have to keep looking I've been doing some checks over the internet (which is how I found this site) Hope they have had good experiences with their tour here; and I wish them well!Regards ...."Tarliaa"

7 years 1 month ago
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