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The Judge

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 17th October 2014

This generational drama strains so hard to be serious that it's almost laughable. Its big themes are only superficially addressed, while the bloated nearly two and a half hour running time could easily have been...

Tags: Robert Downey Jr - Robert Duvall - Vera Farmiga - Billy Bob Thornton - Vincent D'Onofrio - Jeremy Strong

Downey Jr and 'The Judge' Set To Open Toronto Film Festival

by Michael West | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 3rd September 2014

David Dobkin, the filmmaker best known for his classic comedy Wedding Crashers, brings an altogether different film to the Toronto Film Festival this week. His legal drama The Judge, starring Robert Downey Jr and Robert...

Tags: Robert Downey Jr - Robert Duvall - Vera Farmiga - Billy Bob Thornton - Dax Shepard - Ken Howard

The Judge

Video | 20th June 2014

Hank Palmer is a ruthless but excellent lawyer, despised by many of his peers for his habit of representing often blatantly guilty criminals. One day mid-trial however, he receives a call from home informing him...

Tags: Robert Downey Jr - Robert Duvall - Vera Farmiga - Vincent D'Onofrio - Billy Bob Thornton - Dax Shepard

Jack the Giant Slayer

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 22nd March 2013

We may sigh heavily at the thought of yet another fairy tale blockbuster, but the filmmakers and cast here demand a bit more attention. And sure enough, it's refreshingly smarter and funnier than we expect....

Tags: Nicholas Hoult - Eleanor Tomlinson - Ewan McGregor - Stanley Tucci - Ian McShane - Bill Nighy

The Change-Up

Video | 21st July 2011

Mitch and Dave were the best of friends when they were younger but over the years, they have slowly grown apart. After running into each other on a night out, both men are jealous of...

Tags: Ryan Reynolds - Jason Bateman - Leslie Mann - Olivia Wilde - Alan Arkin - Mircea Monroe

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