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Unfinished Business

Video | 3rd December 2014

Despite his business acumen and ability to land important deals, one businessman named Dan Trunkman (Vince Vaughn) still managed to get a pay cut from his uncaring boss - who may be hot but she's...

Tags: Vince Vaughn - Sienna Miller - James Marsden - Dave Franco - Nick Frost - Tom Wilkinson

Conan O'Brien And Dave Franco Hilariously Join Tinder, But Who Got The Most Matches?

by Nick Hill | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 19th July 2014

Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco have joined the online dating scene.The talk show host, who is already married, and the 29 year-old actor created fake Tinder accounts in a hilarious segment on Thursday night's (July...

Tags: Dave Franco

22 Jump Street

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 5th June 2014

A consistently hilarious stream of in-jokes keeps the audience in fits of laughter even if there's virtually no plot to this follow-up to the 2012 hit 21 Jump Street. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum revive...

Tags: Jonah Hill - Channing Tatum - Amber Stevens - Ice Cube - Nick Offerman - Peter Stormare

Neighbors [Bad Neighbours]

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 9th May 2014

There's a blast of raucous energy to this lively comedy that sets it apart from the pack; aside from a willingness to get deeply rude and incorrect, the movie is actually very funny. It helps...

Tags: Zac Efron - Seth Rogen - Rose Byrne - Dave Franco - Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Craig Roberts

What Would 'Twilight' Have Been Like With This Alternate Cast?

by Sophie Miskiw | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 20th February 2014

Welcome to the latest instalment in our ‘Alternate Movie Cast’ series! Last time we invited you to think about what the Harry Potter films would have been like if other actors who had auditioned for...

Tags: Kristen Stewart - Robert Pattinson - Jennifer Lawrence - Dave Franco

Bad Neighbors

Video | 2nd January 2014

Kelly and Mac Radner are a young married couple with a baby daughter who are starting to feel a little claustrophobic inside their family home and are desperate to get back into the party spirit....

Tags: Seth Rogen - Rose Byrne - Zac Efron - Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Dave Franco - Lisa Kudrow

Seth Rogen v Those Dastardly Kids in 'Neighbors' [Trailer + Pictures]

by Jack de Aguilar | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 4th September 2013

Seth Rogen has slowly been moving away from the stoner character he half-plays in movies. And when we say half-plays, we mean that in the most affectionate way possible; we just get the impression there’s...

Tags: Seth Rogen - Zac Efron - Dave Franco - Rose Byrne


Video | 4th September 2013

Mac and Kelly Radner are filled with enthusiasm when they learn that the house next door is up for sale and can't wait to welcome their new neighbours into the area. However, watching the arrival...

Tags: Seth Rogen - Rose Byrne - Zac Efron - Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Dave Franco - Lisa Kudrow

Now You See Me

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 5th July 2013

The idea of magicians conducting a series of heists is a great one, but this under-developed film never quite seizes the opportunity. Even its terrific A-list cast can't make much of the lame plot. And...

Tags: Jesse Eisenberg - Mark Ruffalo - Woody Harrelson - Isla Fisher - Dave Franco - Melanie Laurent

Dave Franco And Isla Fisher Are Quizzed About Card Tricks And Stunt Work For Their New Movie 'Now You See Me'

Footage | 18th June 2013

Dave Franco and Isla Fisher are interviewed about their new magician movie 'Now You See Me'. They talk about card tricks, Isla being the only woman on the team and the very real stunt-work and...

Tags: Dave Franco - Isla Fisher

'Now You See Me' Receives Mixed Reviews From Critics On US Release

by Holly Williams | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 31st May 2013

Magical mystery thriller Now You See Me receives a flood of favourable and not so favourable reviews as it is released in US movie theatres today (May 31st 2013).With a star-studded ensemble cast led by...

Tags: Jesse Eisenberg - Mark Ruffalo - Woody Harrelson - Isla Fisher - Dave Franco - Melanie Laurent

Now You See Me

Video | 16th April 2013

Michael Atlas is the leader of the most formidable magician group ever seen, The Four Horsemen, alongside Merritt Osbourne, Henley and Jack. Being able to pull off some of the most baffling illusions ever seen,...

Tags: Morgan Freeman - Dave Franco - Isla Fisher - Mark Ruffalo - Woody Harrelson - Jesse Eisenberg

Warm Bodies

Video | 20th November 2012

A young male zombie spends his days roaming the barren and devastated wasteland that is America with limited thoughts and actions, only able to remember that his name while he was human began with the...

Tags: Nicholas Hoult - Teresa Palmer - Dave Franco - Analeigh Tipton - John Malkovich - Cory Hardrict

Now You See Me

Video | 20th November 2012

Michael Atlas is an extremely accomplished illusionist and the leader of his own remarkable band of magicians known as The Four Horsemen which his henchmen, Merritt Osbourne, Henley and Jack, are a part of. Knowing...

Tags: Morgan Freeman - Dave Franco - Isla Fisher - Mark Ruffalo - Woody Harrelson - Jesse Eisenberg

21 Jump Street

Video | 12th March 2012

Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko were enemies in high school. Schmidt was a nerd who looked like Eminem in an attempt to be cool. Jenko was a jock who took particular delight in bullying Schmidt....

Tags: Jonah Hill - Channing Tatum - Brie Larson - Dave Franco - Rob Riggle - DeRay Davis

Fright Night

Video | 3rd August 2011

High school nerd Charley Brewster is in his senior year of high school and dating the popular beautiful British exchange student, Amy. When fellow classmate Adam Johnson goes missing, Charley isn't bothered by this -...

Tags: Anton Yelchin - Colin Farrell - David Tennant - Toni Collette - Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Lisa Loeb


Video | 11th January 2010

Watch the trailer for Greenberg Roger Greenberg is a middle age man with not a lot to his name. His current situation means he has no commitments to a job or relationship, however he's not...

Tags: Ben Stiller - Greta Gerwig - Rhys Ifans - Jennifer Jason Leigh - Chris Messina - Brie Larson

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