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The Two Faces of January

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 16th May 2014

This sun-drenched thriller is much more than a pretty picture: it's also a slow-burning story about moral compromises that worms its way under the skin. Based on a Patricia Highsmith novel, there are clear parallels...

Tags: Viggo Mortensen - Kirsten Dunst - Oscar Isaac - Daisy Bevan - David Warshofsky - Tim Bevan

The Two Faces Of January

Video | 12th May 2014

Chester MacFarland is a wealthy businessman whose business ventures are often far from lawful. During a vacation to Athens, Greece with his wife Colette, the pair meet a handsome young man named Rydal who works...

Tags: Viggo Mortensen - Kirsten Dunst - Oscar Isaac - David Warshofsky - Daisy Bevan - Hossein Amini

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