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At Any Price

Video | 5th April 2013

Henry Whipple is a highly respected farmer in the world of agriculture and thinks of little else other than expanding his three generation old farming land in Iowa. After watching his favourite son Grant fly...

Tags: Zac Efron - Dennis Quaid - Heather Graham - Clancy Brown - Kim Dickens - Red West

At Any Price

Video | 22nd January 2013

Henry Whipple is an ambitious farmer with high hopes for his promising agricultural family business. His son Dean, however, wants to be a professional racing driver and already looks set to be a huge star...

Tags: Zac Efron - Dennis Quaid - Heather Graham - Clancy Brown - Kim Dickens - Chelcie Ross

Trouble With The Curve - Trailer

Video | 10th October 2012

Gus Lobel is one of the most formidable baseball talent scouts around, however his age starts to fail him in his career as his eyesight deteriorates and he is unable to focus properly on the...

Tags: Clint Eastwood - Justin Timberlake - John Goodman - Matthew Lillard - Chelcie Ross - Raymond Anthony Thomas

The Dilemma

Video | 15th October 2010

Ronny and Nick are best buddies and business partners, their partners are good friends and they all spend a lot of their lives together in one way or another. When Ronny catches Nick's wife passionately...

Tags: Vince Vaughn - Kevin James - Jennifer Connelly - Winona Ryder - Channing Tatum - Queen Latifah

Drag Me To Hell

Video | 21st May 2009

Watch the trailer for Drag me To HellChristine Brown has a very good life, she's in a loving relationship with her Professor boyfriend and she enjoys her job as a loan officer. When her boss...

Tags: Alison Lohman - Justin Long - Lorna Raver - Dileep Rao - David Paymer - Adriana Barraza

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