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Richard Matheson, Author Of 'I Am Legend', Dies

by Elinor Cosgrave | News | Lifestyle / Showbiz | 25th June 2013

Richard Matheson has led a long and interesting life. Born in Brooklyn he started his writing career when some of his short stories were published in 1950. The author's subsequent career, spanning 60 years, including...

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Pink Panther Star Herbert Lom Dies, Aged 95

by Hayley Avron | News | | 27th September 2012

Herbert Lom, the actor best known for playing Charles Dreyfus in the Pink Panther movies, has died aged 95. He may have starred alongside Hollywood greats Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston and Alec Guinness, he may...

Tags: Herbert Lom - Kirk Douglas - Charlton Heston - Alec Guinness - Peter Sellers - Blake Edwards

Oscar Winning Actor Charlton Heston Dies At Age 84

by Contributor | News | | 6th April 2008

Oscar winning actor Charlton Heston has died at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 84.Heston's family have said a private memorial service will be held for the star who revealed that he...

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My sis was sitting beside him in a plane in the 70's he gave her his autograph From London to scotland prestwick. He is such a nice man I was jealous !!!! never mind , good luck chuck ............sandy

8 years 9 months ago
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