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I rented this movie "House of Wax" on Pay per View completely expecting it to suck. I was pleased to be wrong. It was actually a pretty sweet slasher flick. Elisha and Brian had everything to do with that. Until this movie, I had seen Brian's other movies, but he was somehow always invisable. I didn't even care who he was until this movie. I never really saw how truly talented he was. OK -so it's only been a week since I first saw the film, but I went out and bought it and have watched it at least 10 more times since. (I have spent almost my entire Christmas break watching this movie!) I keep finding new things each time I watch it though. The only other movie of the horror genra to give me cold chills like van Holt has is DeNiro in Cape Fear, or even Peck in Cape Fear for that matter. So many other horror movies are unbelievable such that they become absurd. Brian makes a seemingly absurd premise totally believable. In the kitchen he pulls an arrow from his arm and I found myself squiriming at the pain of it. The look of empathy he has for his brother after becoming exhasperated with him is just moving. Keep in mind he played both brothers, bound together yet uniquely different in so many ways. The single sexiest moment I have seen in film in a very long time is the scene where Elisha's lips are glued and Brian is about an inch from her face and softly blows to dry the glue. Again, Brian has taken a distorted vision and somehow made it beautiful, if only for a suspended minute. I know he didn't carry the whole film, but he had great chemistry with Elisha, Chad and the cast to make a believable villian that you almost would justify or at least side with in some respects. He was definately a character to sympathize with, and like Paris says "He's hot." (That definately doesn't hurt!) OK so here's the summary- Up until a week ago I had no idea who this dude was. Now that I do I am just enamored by his potential. I hope producers, directors, and big wigs will take note of his exceptional talent and put him in more leading roles. And no- this isn't his mom writing this, just a new fan of Brian van Holt. Bravo from Myrtle Beach Mr. Van Holt!

8 years 4 months ago
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I must agree with u there gurl. My Fav scene was the part wea he puts the glue on carly's lips, but wat got me was his accent really. i mean its ashame we have to close that pretty mouth of yours, especially the way those lips curve. I mean seriously who wudnt fall for that huh?Anyways i think Brian was the best on the movie more so then Elisha and Chad. Brian Van Holt is amazing and i hope we see more of him coz he made that movie House of Wax i reckon the others wur just extras.Brian you can Blow on my lips anytime Lmao.

7 years 8 months ago
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