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Video | 18th July 2014

Ed and Lorraine Warren are top paranormal investigators who popularly solved the case of the Bathsheba possession in 'The Conjuring'. Among their collection of supernatural objects was an eerie, old fashioned doll named Annabelle that...

Tags: Annabelle Wallis - Alfre Woodard - Brian Howe

I Am Number Four

Video | 10th December 2010

John Smith isn't a normal boy, he and his guardian Henri have shifted homes and moved around the country so much he doesn't really have a true place to call home. Though John might look...

Tags: Alex Pettyfer - Timothy Olyphant - Teresa Palmer - Dianna Agron - Kevin Durand - Callan McAuliffe

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Bettina B.

Brian is awesome! And I knew him when......

9 years 7 months ago
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