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The Killers And Other Really Weird Lyrics

by Ed Biggs | News | Music / Festivals | 1st August 2014

We’ve all heard our fair share of daft lyrics in pop songs, but now there’s been an attempt to subjectively decide which song contains the weirdest lyric.Brandon Flowers is the writer of the weirdest lyric...

Tags: The Killers - Brandon Flowers

The Killers Are Back With 'A Shot At The Night' In Sin City [Video]

by Lauren James | News | Music / Festivals | 30th September 2013

'Shot At The Night' marks The Killers return ahead of the release of their upcoming singles compilation album, Direct Hits, that will include all their hits from 2003 to 2013. The Las Vegas rockers are...

Tags: The Killers - Bella Heathcote - Max Minghella - Brandon Flowers

The Killers Reschedule Manchester Shows, Announce Wembley Shows For Next Year

by Joe Wilde | News | Music / Festivals | 16th November 2012

Las Vegas rockers The Killers were forced to cancel their performances at Manchester's MEN Arena this week after frontman Brandon Flowers lost his voice mid-set. Fortunately though, The Killers have never been a band to...

Tags: The Killers - Brandon Flowers

Is there a Brightside? The Killers Walk Off Stage After 5 Songs

by Lorna Greville  | News | Music / Festivals | 14th November 2012

In a particularly disappointing anti-climax to a show that thousands of people had been looking forward to, The Killers were forced to leave the stage, apparently due to front man Brandon Flowers' illhealth, reports the...

Tags: Brandon Flowers - The Killers

"I'm Sorry, We've Got To Stop", The Killers End Manchester Gig After 4 Songs

by Michael West | News | Music / Festivals | 14th November 2012

"I'm sorry. I've never had to do this before. We've got to stop," were the words of The Killers' Brandon Flowers in Manchester last night (November 13, 2012) after cutting short the band's arena concert...

Tags: The Killers - Brandon Flowers - Muse

The Killers Cancel Tonight's Show After Walk-Off In Manchester

by Contributor | News | Music / Festivals | 14th November 2012

Not only was there disappointment for fans of The Killers in Manchester last night, but there was for those hoping to see the Las Vegas band perform tonight in the UK city as well, with...

Tags: The Killers - Brandon Flowers

The Killers Pay Homage To The Late Andy Williams On Stage

by Contributor | News | | 27th September 2012

The Killers paid tribute to legendary crooner Andy Williams during a concert on Wednesday night (September 26th) by performing a rendition of his classic song Moon River. The band took to the stage at The...

Tags: Andy Williams - The Killers - Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers - Flamingo

by Michael West | Review | 15th September 2010

Brandon Flowers' 'Flamingo' is an valiant albeit predictable debut solo album, which at times, is on par with much of the material his band have released in recent years. 'Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas', is...

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