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Night Rider

I am very impressed with this article. I feel honored to know all of Billy Bob's accomplishments. I have written a novel about true events in Tennessee, concerning my grandfather, a member of the Night Riders. When I saw Billy Bob in The Alamo, I thought he was my dad, in the story. He was the best actor in the movie. I am in the process of getting it published. If I'm lucky enough for some one to publish it, I will send Billy Bob a copy, to see if he would like to star in my movie. I have been working on this project for twenty years now. i believe it will be a memorial for my father and grandfather. I really admire Billy Bob!Thank you,Shirley

8 years 8 months ago
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Isn't he a sex offender. Nice, really nice. Wish he lived down the street from me . Interesting that was NOT included in the article.

8 years 5 months ago
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Queen Elysabeth

This is part of an email I sent to some gossip sites, in the hopes of this stalking crime being resolved. This is my only choice, since he is too cowardly to do anything brazen enough to produce proof, which is what I would need, in order for the police to have the power to enforce their authority. Stalking is a crime in the state of California, which is punishable by law, with up to 2 years in jail. We found the device’s location by which billy bob’s people have planted in my mother’s bedroom. My sister, Pietra told me for 3 years at least that he was stalking her in the very same way. I did not knot doubt her concern over that happening, but she was his wife, I was only his sister in law and he was an aquaintance at best. He is absolutely scary and two faced. She also told me that he has been buying cocaine from her drug dealing former neighbors in this pat year. He is out of control and must be stopped.My name is Elysabeth Cherniak, I am Billy Bob Thornton’s former sister inlaw. He has been bugging my home,tapping our telephones, emailing me and somehow masking his actual ip addresses, which also somehow bypasses my security software, and causing problems with orders we place, and otherwise making a nuisance of himself in other ways. He more then likely employees the help, of one or more of the several people, who reside in his Beverly Hills Estate. It has gone on long enough, and we are sick and tired of his harassment.Billy Bob decided years ago, that it would be funny, annoying, and alright for him call me names, and harass me, when I was working on a psychic hot line. He would call up, and voice his opinions about my character, and assert his opinions about my appearance, etc. A self professed former intervenius drug abuser, who still has a drug and alcohol problem, which has become increasingly worse over the years. Which I am certain, has made this serious problem grow even worse. My father, a doctor(now retired), was manipulated by Billy Bob years ago, into prescribing him codeine for his phony make believe migraine headaches. Which my dad finally realized, were just an act to get the drugs he needed, to support his drug habit.I have been told that he has been using cocaine lately, and is still drinking heavily, among other things. When he would call me on the phone service, my boss would yell at him(KNOWING who it was, she owned the phone line, and had his information on hand). Not only that, but he admitted to me that he was doing this, and he said he was trying to help me, lol. Help? I mean I am shocked that this stalking issue of his, ten years since his calling that phone line, has escalated to the level of bugging our house, and tapping our phones(he has been at least bugging my phone all that time). Then again, his career got bigger, so his habbits became insatiable enough, for him to spend that kind of money, on that type of unsavory activity. Talk about needing a hobby... ...desperately!We have always stayed away from him, we have always left himalone. We told him in a normal tone, we warned him to stay awayfrom us. In other words, this is not even motivated by revenge on his part. This is just something he enjoys doing to us.I have endured this for many years from him. I have told my cell phone carrier, my isp, and my friends, that he is doing this to me. He told me he was doing these things to me besides. We were not theones who married him, my sister did. He did this to her also, and she has expressed that to9 myself and my family in the last several years. I believe she is too afraid of him to admit this any longer, but I did let her know that this is now happening to myself recently. although I realize this has been happening consistently for over 10 years now. I can give examples of his blatent incidents I have endured, in this blog, but trust me, it is THAT overwhelmingly obvious to me, and has been made apparent by He, himself! He is being brazen enough considering. Yet being sure not to expose that fact, so that it is evident, in the eyes of the police department. I have been researching stalkers, and this is exactly what the experts say to do. Do let as many people as possible know. At first I was apprehensive, only because I am a very private individual. But, I realized more and more that he has been increasingly taunting and menacing. This past year has been hell for me with this, mostly because he sees that I am not involved with a man right now, and he perceives this to mean that I am vulnerable and insecure. Which I am not at all. I have many choices, and I have the support of my mother, friends, and even strangers, all of whom take bullying of women quite seriously. Most importantly, this is illegal and a serious offense. The truth always comes out in the end. He thinks that since nbody can see him doing this, that he can get away with it. He also trivializes the severity of his actions, by labelling them as "bad habits", and simple "immaturity". But this is extremeluy dangerous behavior, and I refuse to remain complacent about this crime. I am not a victim, a victim would allow his actions to cause them to isolate themself. Which I was beginning to do. He has been continuing this, despite my letting people knows, as well as letting him know I have been doing so.This is only for my safety. My obvious concern is for the privacy of my home, the safty of my mom, neices, family, and for myself. The implications of this type of activity are enormous, and very disconcerting.I cannot go to the police without any proof, i.e. video tape,photographs, I have nothing to prove this but what I haveexperienced, and what my mother has experienced. This isoutrageous, and we will not tolerate it any more.He can react however he wants, he knows and god knows, and whoeverelse helped him purchase the equipment to enable his ridiculousendeavor in espionage. He told me he is doing this, and he has a history of doing this in the past. He can now afford the luxury of more high tek equipment. He repeats things I discuss in the privacy of my own home, and puts names of people I talk to on the phone, the nature of our conversations, and so forth in emails, in chatrooms. If this were any one else, and not himself STALKING me, they would simply just ask me out on a date, call me on the phone, and send me flowers, and COURT ME!Like I said, he did this a long time ago, and he admitted it to me. My boss was so upset with him too. He is nothing better then a thug and a criminal as long as he keeps this up.We do not have the kind of money it would take to identify this typeof equipment he uses to do these things to us. He yelled at mymother years ago..."Don’t you try to ever take my money Ruth!!" He just plain said this for no apparent reason, he is really really sick!Just tell him to get away from me once and forall! We are not taking any more of his abuse. We are not hisbattered ex wife, my sister was.This is very very serious. I worked for him for 4 months of my life. He seems to think that when he marries someone, that entitles him to stalk his wifes family for the rest of his life.I really do not like that I have to post this isn my blog, but I have to protect myself and my mother. This is no laghing matter. I feel terrible for his mother. She is a psychic so she knows what he is putting us through.So do many other people who know him, better then the people who only work with him on a movie or two.Wouldn’t you think that his toddler and his girlfriend are keeping him busy enough, not to mention his huge career? I never in my life met anyone with this much prestige, who behaves like he has some terrible job, and financial issues. It makes me happy that I love myself, have the support of my friends, and the concern I have gotten from strangers. Realizing that he has fans, of which I was one myself. I mean it is such a sham. This guy seems like Mr. Cool! Talk about a farce. If you are somebody who can talk sense into him, and you are a peer of his, perhaps you can scare some serious ense into him. I doubt this will ever cease, he has literally been doing this for over 10 years now! Praticuarly because he knows I have told all of my close friends about this, and he is still going strong. that is why i am just resigning myself to the fact that this may never go away, not until he expires someday. I have known this was happening, and yet I tried to ignore it. But when I realized it wasn’t just being done on my phones, and was being done in my house too? Which was relatively recently, I have just been so horrified and angry about it, I refuse to be a victim. Just know I am not asking for pity, this is happening and it isd real. I know I am not the only one he is doing this to, besdies. He is even worse with us though, I am certain. Mostly because he seems to have a sense of entitlement, because we were his family by marraige before. But that doesn’t mean you can impose yourself upon people, obviously. I was involved in a 13 year relationship with someone, so obviously I know what it is to be seriously involved by this time in my life. I feel that he has become more aggressive with his harrassment lately, because I am single now, and I nno longer have someone I share my life with at this time. Which is disgustingly abusive on his part, needless to say. I leave voice mails on my own telephone voicemail, and he tells me he gets my messages, in whch I urge him to stop doing this to me! How nuts is that? He did this to try to make me lose my mind, and he is not achieving that. I know who it is doing this, and I know why. Her is obsessed with me, and not in a good way. It particularly disturbs him that I am psychic, and that is a real issue for him personally. He seems to enjoy doing this because of that as well, because the 6th sense which someone like myself would have, of feeling like you are being watched. That is what he is hoping would drive me nuts?To think that when the National Enquirer offered me $50,000 to spill the beans about his marraige to my sister, and I turned it down out of their respect for privacy, and this is how he repays me. It is not as though I was making a incredible living. It is almost as though he is mistaking my kindness for weakness. Mind you, I have never been this man’s girlfriend, friend, nor enemy, but yet I considered us to be "cordial enough." Mostly, to avoid any kind of issue between he and myself. She and I have never been very close, which he chose as his motivation, when he was initially very imposing towards me, when I first met him, andf they had first gotten together. Although, i had a great career, and my own arpartment, he was flirting with me, behind her back, and telling her that I was a slut, and numerous other rude and ridiculous comments. I just wanted to be left alone. But he seemed to try and involve me ion their life somehow. I knew he was hurting her besides. He was extremely abusive during my sister’s marraige to him, and she never did call the police when he would beat her. Personally, I have never dated someone who beat me, and that really frightenned me about him a lot! Perhaps if she had been able to have him taken to jail for doing this to her, then maybe he would have been properly rehabilitated, and not feel the impulse he seems to have which drives him to continue this harrassment of my family, in our home, on our computers, and our telephones. But I do understand that she was scared to death at that time, and was threatened by him repeatedly. She was told that if she called the authorities, that he would kill her. Their children were so young, and so was my sister. He was certainly old enough to know better then to hit, kick or emotionally torture his wife. He was well into his 30’s then. Contrary to his perception of reality, i am empowered and strong. I have god on my side, as I always have been a woman of faith.This is not about pity, this is just a serious issue concerning a celebrity, who even more then a non-public citizen, is being judged by how he treats others. Particularly females.Elysabeth

6 years 1 month ago
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