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Who is Jennifer Hudson, is she the one that acted so arrogant in season 3. Oh my gosh, you mean to tell me we have to put up with her arrogant attitude again. I know she probably think she is better than Fantasia now that she won the role in Dreamgirls, but Jennifer, you still don't compare to Fantasia, she is the best. Fantasia I'm sure will have other opportunities to show her talent. Bill Condon that is your lost, Fantasia will do very well without Dreamgirls. It would have been a great opportunity for her, but the lord has a better plan for her apparently. What is meant for Fantasia, she will get. Fantasia is still #1, so don't forget it.I probably want go see the film now that Fantasia will not be in it. She would have been the reason for me going to see it. I have no more interest in the film now.I wish you all well.

9 years 1 month ago
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