Bibio Press Releases

Lea Michele

Bibio Bibio Announces 'The Green E.p.' Released 27th January 20134 Listen To 'Dye The Water Green'

3rd December 2013 16:59

Bibio says:"I wanted to do a follow up EP with 'Dye The Water Green' as it is my favourite track...

Lea Michele

Bibio Bibio Shares New Track "You" From New Album 'Silver Wilkinson' Out 13th May 2013

18th April 2013 12:34

Bibio will be releasing his album Silver Wilkinson on May 13, and is now sharing the track 'You' which juxtaposes...

Lea Michele

Bibio Bibio Announces New Album 'Silver Wilkinson' Expected To Be Released In May 2013

7th March 2013 10:50

"I don't usually have a preconceived theme for an album before I start making one, to do so would perhaps...

Lea Michele

Bibio Letherette Announce New Album 'Letherette' Released 15th April 2013

26th February 2013 22:18

If there's one thing occasionally lacking in the current crop of electronic wonders, it's fun. Fun is what sets Letherette...