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Bad Words

Video | 10th January 2014

After spectacularly losing a local spelling bee as a youngster, the now 40-year-old Guy Trilby is determined to go back and change it. Having developed his spelling ability substantially over the decades, he decides to...

Tags: Jason Bateman - Kathryn Hahn - Ben Falcone - Allison Janney - Rachael Harris - Judith Hoag

Bad Words

Video | 10th December 2013

Guy Trilby is a 40-year-old man who dropped out of high school as a young boy and remains bitter about losing a spelling bee. Thus, now older and wiser, he finds a way to enter...

Tags: Jason Bateman - Kathryn Hahn - Ben Falcone - Allison Janney - Rachael Harris - Judith Hoag

As I Lay Dying

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 10th October 2013

James Franco makes his directing debut with this ambitious adaptation of William Faulkner's notoriously downbeat novel. No surprise: it's extremely grim! It's also a bit too cleverly shot and edited to tell the tale from...

Tags: James Franco - Tim Blake Nelson - Logan Marshall-Green - Jim Parrack - Ahna O'Reilly - Danny McBride

As I Lay Dying

Video | 16th May 2013

Addie Bundren is on her deathbed in the Mississippi town in which she lives with her family. However, she has very specific last wishes; she wants to be buried in the town of Jefferson, which...

Tags: James Franco - Logan Marshall-Green - Richard Jenkins - Danny McBride - Tim Blake Nelson - Ahna O'Reilly

The Artist

Video | 16th January 2012

George Valentin is a silent movie star in 1920's Hollywood. His latest film, A Russian Affair, opens to rave reviews and it seems that George has hit the big time. As he walks the red...

Tags: Jean Dujardin - Berenice Bejo - John Goodman - James Cromwell - Penelope Ann Miller - Missi Pyle

Dear Lemon Lima

Video | 17th February 2011

It's nearing the end of summer in Fairbanks, Alaska, and it's almost time to return to school. Vanessa has spent her summer working in an ice cream shack and she's about to be dumped by...

Tags: Savanah Wiltfong - Shayne Topp - Melissa Leo - Meaghan Martin - Eleanor Hutchins - Elaine Hendrix


Video | 8th July 2010

Rango is a chameleon who isn't particularly content living the life of the general chameleon, he sees himself as more of a hero figure, striving to protect those who need him; but when he finds...

Tags: Johnny Depp - Isla Fisher - Abigail Breslin - Alfred Molina - Bill Nighy - Harry Dean Stanton


Video | 15th March 2010

Joel Reynolds is a married businessman; his business Reynold's Extract is a failing flavouring company. When his soon to be floor manager is badly injured it's just the start of worse things to come. Constantly...

Tags: Jason Bateman - Ben Affleck - Kristen Wiig - Mila Kunis - J.K Simmons - Gene Simmons

Crazy Heart

Video | 4th February 2010

Watch the trailer for Crazy Heart At one time, Bad Blake was a successful country singer, now he's just a has-been with no real place to call home other than the barstools he constantly frequents....

Tags: Jeff Bridges - Maggie Gyllenhaal - Colin Farrell - Robert Duvall - Beth Grant - Sarah Jane Morris

All About Steve

Video | 11th December 2009

Watch the trailer for All About SteveMary Horowitz is a unique lady. She still lives with the mum and dad and her job as a cruciverbalist - a crossword puzzle constructor - isn't exactly your...

Tags: Sandra Bullock - Bradley Cooper - Thomas Haden Church - Ken Jeong - DJ Qualls - Keith David

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