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Beatles Biography

The Beatles (formed 1960)

The Beatles are one of the most famous and successful bands in the history of pop music and have sold well over one billion records across the globe.

The Beatles: Formation

John Lennon met Paul McCartney in 1957 when he was playing in a skiffle group named The Quarrymen. He invited McCartney to join the group and later, George Harrison also joined. Stuart Sutcliffe then joined on bass.

The band had a number of gigs lined up in Germany, but had no drummer. Eventually, Pete Best was invited to drum for the band.

Upon their return to Liverpool in 1961, Brian Epstein saw the band for the first time, at the now-infamous Cavern Club in Liverpool. The band auditioned for Decca (The Rolling Stones' label) but failed the audition. Epstein took it upon himself to fire Pete Best from the band and they hired Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr).

The band's debut single, 'Love Me Do' was released in June 1962. It reached number 17 in the UK singles cart.

The Beatles: Breakthrough & Fame

The Beatles' second single, 'Please Please Me' was released in November 1962 and went to number two in the UK charts. Their debut album, also entitled Please Please Me was recorded just a few months later. Even before the end of the year, the phrase 'Beatlemania' had been coined by the media, to describe the public frenzy surrounding the band.

In the US, CBS aired a five minute film about the phenomenon of Beatlemania. It was scheduled for a repeat airing on the 22nd of November 1963, but following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the show was cancelled. When The Beatles finally travelled to the USA, in 1964, accompanied by Phil Spector and a number of journalists, they were greeted at the airport by 3,000 fans.

In 1964, the band released their second LP, Introducing. The Beatles. When they undertook the promotional tour, Ringo Starr contracted tonsillitis and was briefly replaced by session drummer Jimmy Nicol. Later that year, The Beatles' first film, A Hard Day's Night was released, followed by their fourth studio album, Beatles For Sale.

The Beatles were awarded an MBE in June 1965, after receiving a nomination from the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. The following month, The Beatles released the album Help! Along with an accompanying film of the same name. In July, they played to an audience of 55,600 at the Shea Stadium in New York - the first major stadium music concert in modern history. The band met Elvis Presley in Bel Air that month and had a jam session, though sadly, it was not recorded.

The Beatles' sixth album, Rubber Soul was considered a step forward in the maturity and progression of the band's sound. When they toured in the Philippines, Brian Epstein insulted the nation's first lady, Imelda Marcos, by refusing an official invitation. On returning to the UK, they were greeted by further controversy, thanks to John Lennon's earlier comments that The Beatles were "more popular than Jesus."

Copies of The Beatles' next album, Yesterday and Today with the original artwork fetch thousands of pounds in auctions today.

The Beatles' next two albums, Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band were both hugely successful and used new recording techniques such as sampling and tape looping.

The Beatles' next film, Magical Mystery Tour received something of a backlash from the UK press.

In 1968, The Beatles announced the formation of their own label, Apple Corps. Later that year, they released The White Album, which featured the tracks 'Dear Prudence' and 'Back in the USSR'.

In January 1969, The Beatles performed their infamous rooftop gig on top of the Apple Building in Savile Row, London. The performance was filmed for their film Let It Be. In 1969, the band released Abbey Road, named after Abbey Road Studios, where they recorded much of their output.

In 1970, the tapes for what would become the Let It Be album were given to Phil Spector, an American producer famed for his 'Wall Of Sound' production style. Despite Paul McCartney publicly denouncing Spector's production technique and despite the public break up of the band in April of that year, Spector's version of the album was released in May 1970.

The Beatles: Post Break-Up

Following the break up of the band, several members of the band went on to release solo albums, including Paul McCartney's McCartney and Ringo Starr's Ringo. The Capitol record label made a number of hasty releases, including The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, in an attempt to cash in on the band's demise and loss of creative control over the label's Beatles material.

On 8th December 1980, John Lennon was shot dead in New York City by Mark David Chapman. Lennon was married to Yoko Ono at the time of his death.

The Beatles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. George Harrison and Ringo Starr collected the award, along with Yoko Ono and Lennon's two sons, Julian and Sean Lennon. Paul McCartney refused to attend the ceremony.

In 1994, once McCartney had resolved many of his issues with the remaining surviving Beatles, he got together with Harrison and Starr to compile The Beatles Anthology, which was released in February 1994. The song 'Free As A Bird' was released as a single to promote the collection.

On 29th November 2001, George Harrison died of lung cancer.

McCartney announced in November 2008 that he wishes to release an experimental recording made by The Beatles. In order to release the track, entitled 'Carnival Of Light', he will need to gain permission from Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, George's wife, as well as Ringo Starr.

In April 2009, it was announced that all of The Beatles' original 13 UK studio albums would be released in newly remastered versions, named Past Masters, Volume One and Past Masters: Volume Two. The Mojo journalist Mat Snow was given the privilege of listening to the remastered version of The White Album and claimed that the new recordings were "better even than we'd hoped."

The Beatles: Personal Lives & Rumours

It has been reported that Bob Dylan introduced The Beatles to cannabis in 1964, when the band were visiting New York. The next year, John Riley - an acquaintance of the band - introduced John Lennon and George Harrison to LSD. In 1967, The Beatles joined Graham Greene and R.D. Laing in signing an advert in The Times calling for the legalization of cannabis.

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If you love John Lennon's music like I do then you will love this Bermudian John Lennon tribute:

1 year 5 months ago
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There is a new project at Kickstarter(dot)com for the film "The Beatles at their Best". It is a film focusing on the first 2 years of the Beatles (before Ringo Starr joined the group). According to John Lennon, this is when the Beatles were at there best. kickstarter(dot)com/projects/1007868331/the-beatles-at-their-best

2 years 4 months ago
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gooddaysunshine's picture


WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you that ignorant?????? The Beatles were as stoned as the Stones. Of course they were much cuter and much much more talented but come on !!!!!!!!! You must be very very young indead !!! Our dear Sir Paul still hits the bong daily !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI HI HI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 years 6 months ago
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To see the hidden messages and listen to the songs go to, click on the entry The Present and go to page 290 to get to the start of the section, You do not have to play the songs backwards like they thought in the 60's, the message are hidden in plain site once you know the secret code. No one knows what they are really saying until now and we need to get the message out so tell all your friends and other Beatles fans to read the Section and listen to the songs.

5 years 5 months ago
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Sam Goldberg's picture

Sam Goldberg

How Paul Wrote “Yesterday” By Samuel T Goldberg, MD intrepid reporter June 14, 2010, marked the 45th anniversary of Paul McCartney’s recording of the song, “Yesterday”, at Abbey Road Studios in London. Voted the #1 Pop Song of all time by MTV and Rolling Stone Magazine, "Yesterday", according to the Guinness Book of Records, has been covered over 3000 times. Paul’s genius residing more in music than words, he nevertheless was able to adorn this beautiful melody with compelling lyrics, spare and evocative, leading generations of critics to wonder: What was going on in his life at the time that could have inspired him so? After much toil rummaging through the archives and stacks of London bookstores, butcher-shops and pubs, I have uncovered seemingly reliable evidence, a long-discarded reel-to reel tape that, alas, has since been destroyed by an unanticipated eruption of sunspots. Nevertheless, I’m daring to offer the account which follows. Be forewarned, however: as plausible as this report may appear, some details may require further corroboration. Apparently Paul and his girlfriend, Jane, were lounging about at breakfast, still in their bathrobes after their morning showers. Jane's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Asher, had gone off to church, so the kids had the run of the neatly manicured Tudor house___ Despite their happy acceptance of her clean-cut, sometimes cheeky but generally cherubic boyfriend, Jane would never have felt so free if Mummy and Dad had been at home. Jane: Paulie? Paul: Yes, Dear? J: Why were you chatting so long with that brunette at the Cavern the other night? P; Oh, Darling, come on, now, you can't be jealous of Ringo's little sister! J: She didn't look so little to me. P: She was just seventeen! J: Oh, Paul__ You say you will love ME! Tell me I’m the only one. P: OK, Darling. I admit it. I did flirt with her. Had it been another day, I might have looked the other way. You’re making me say that I’ve got nobody but you. But, you're about to go do your theatre thing in Birmingham. Anyway, that girl and I___ We said our goodbyes the night before. I promise! J: You promised: Posh! That girls' just a low-life peasant! P: Hey! Tone it down! I know that she's no peasant! J: I don't know, Paul. When you held me near, you were so sincere: You'd be thinking of ME, if I had to go. But now, things seem different. I fear that one day you'll look, and see I've gone. Paul was stopped in his tracks by this comment. Hadn't he given her all his love? That's all he did! Putting on his most endearing pout, he tried to placate her: P: Tell me baby___ What's been wrong with you? Let me go on loving you. J: Don’t you know that love is to share? You don’t need me to show the way, love. P: Aw, come on, come on. Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you. J: Get away! You tell lies, thinking I can’t see. I gave you everything, and tenderly. I gave you most of my life, Paul. Sacrificed most of my life. P: I gave you everything money could buy! I don’t want to sound complaining, but you know___ You never gave me your money. I gave you all I've got to give! J: But money can't__ P: I know! I know! Don't say it! Jane looked at him searchingly, but with suspicion. J: What goes on in your heart? What goes on in your mind? I'm looking through you. Where did you go? P: Did I say something wrong? You ought to know that I’ve been good, as good as I can be. Try to see it my way! Paul was beginning to despair. After all her words of kindness, she no longer needed him. She'd changed, she’d changed. She wasn't the same. He was going to lose that girl, and now, frantic, all he knew to do was beg on bended knees. If she’d only listen to his pleas___ P: Is there anything I can do? Is there anything that you want? Did I tell you I need you, every single day? What can I do? what can I be? When I’m with you I want to stay here. Let’s both of us think how good it could be. But Jane wasn’t having any of it: J: Did you mean to break my heart and watch me die? Tell me why! I have had enough, so act your age! If only you'd treat me like you did the night before. Paul’s mind ached. Suddenly, he felt half the man he used to be. P: Look what you’re doing! Why do you have to go? J: I’m not going to say! Open up your eyes, now. Tell me what you see. P: There were birds in the sky. Love was in your eyes the night before. Listen to me one more time. How can I get through? Nodding her head from side to side, Jane looked down and pushed away her plate of scrambled eggs. J: In the beginning, I misunderstood, but now I’ve got it. Long ago, I knew someone, but now he’s gone. A great wave of sadness and loss washed through Paul. A shadow hanging over him, he murmured to himself, “She says I’ve hurt her so. She’s almost lost her mind. I think I’ve lost my love.” Dejected, he turned back to Jane and sighed, P: I just can’t go on, if you won’t see me. Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. J: I loved you! I loved you! That's all I want to say. Until you find a way. Maybe you should go to India, Like George, find Buddha or something. Suddenly, with a great whooshing sound, John appeared outside the window on a flaming pie, screaming, "I don't believe___ in Buddha!!" Resigned at last, Paul replied, "I believe in yesterday." There it is, folks. It seems pretty true to me! Sam Goldberg Clarksville, Maryland

3 years 5 months ago
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Hi I love the beatles

5 years 1 month ago
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I didn't know Mick Jagger and David Bowie had such strong feelings against John

3 years 11 months ago
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Beatles fans -- join the Magical History Tour to Liverpool & England. Open to fans of all ages for over 20 years! Organized for fans by fans. For a free brochure, call toll-free (866) L-I-V-E-R-P-O-O-L or email Visit website

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cathy anne

Hey Good day sunshine we're you ALIVE during 60's cause I was and the Stones we're influenced to form a band only after the Beatles got thier start and everyone then and now know that and they also decided to do the other style on the advise of the Beatles the Stones accquired thier hit I wanna be your Man from John Lennon and Paul Mccartney it was only later that the Beatles released it as a single with Ringo on lead the Stones we're also consistently asking the Beatles of they could sit in on thier sessions just watch some dvds or better yet since you know so much then I guess you remember watching the broadcast and recording of All you need is Love which aired to around200 millions via sattelite and again the Stones we're there Watch it it's on film now buit oh you don't need to right cause you we're there in the 60's so you remember Have a nice life with cleaning out your ears first remember George Harrison god bless his soul used feedback and discovered it way before Hendrix anyone as well as playing a song on guitar backwards 1st on I'm only sleeping others tried took foreveer and only then Hendrix mastered it at 27 George at the time was 22 cathy anne

7 years 9 months ago
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