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Basia Bulat - In The Night

Year 2007 | Genre Pop

Label Universal Music Group - North America

Basia Bulat, In The Night

Synopsis - Basia Bulat In the Night Video Basia Bulat releases a new EP titled 'In the Night' on February 18th 2008 through Rough Trade Records. Basia hails from the forest city...

Basia Bulat, Oh My Darling, Album Audio Streams

Synopsis - Basia Bulat Oh My Darling Album Audio Streams Basia Bulat hails from the forest city of London, Ontario, where she found her songs and stories dangling from the trees. Her...


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Basia Bulat - Heart Of My Own

Review of Basia Bulat's album Heart Of My Own released through Rough TradeIn the inimitable words of one Mr Jarvis Cocker 'Do you remember the...

Basia Bulat - Oh, My Darling

Basia BulatOh, My Darling Album Review The resurgent British interest in Canadian music shows no sign of abating - and it's about time too. For...


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