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BANKSY went to Australia in 2000,NOT 2001, it was at this time he met and became good friends with the Australian Pastellist James DeWeaver,himself a noted reclusive person.They have worked together and BANKSY's only blue rat is the result.It is believed their "Hamburglaring" (see Urbandictionary com) began here,as both ruthlessly attack McDonald's in their artworks.BANKSY and DeWeaver are both in a photograph taken by the American photographer Spencer Tunick in 2000,at Byron Bay,Australia.Tunick doesn't remember BANKSY in it ,but i don't think this is fabricated as DeWeaver proves it!The resulting photograph with them is on jamesdeweaver comTunick's most noted for his large "installations" of nude people,though in DeWeaver's photograph,there's only about 40 backpackers who were staying at the Arts Factory Lodge at this time,long before Tunick's fame had transitioned into photographing large groups 5000+people!Both BANKSY and DeWeaver as of lately have been focusing their art on the "Occupy movement"aimed at the 1%er's.This stuff you WON'T find in Wikipedia,as they have banned DeWeaver's page and work,especially Blogs due to his commentary and hatred of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.True maverick and underground art at its best!

3 years 2 months ago
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