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The Amazing Spiderman 2 - Clips

Video | 14th March 2014

Peter Parker is facing a period of deep confusion in every aspect of his life. No longer is everything black and white, nor is it easy to know what the right thing to do is...

Tags: Andrew Garfield - Jamie Foxx - Paul Giamatti - Emma Stone - Sally Field - Martin Sheen

B.J. Novak's Villainous Identify Revealed For 'Amazing Spider Man 2'

by Nick Hill | News | Movies / TV / Theatre | 4th February 2014

B.J. Novak's role in the sequel 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' may have just been revealed by director Marc Webb. In a tweet, at first thought harmless, the film maker posted a promotional trailer for Novak's...

Tags: B.J. Novak

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Video | 5th December 2013

Peter Parker has always had difficulty trying to prioritise his life. There's the personal side of it; the ordinary teenage angst, trying to hold down a relationship with the lovely Gwen Stacy and mourning the...

Tags: Andrew Garfield - Jamie Foxx - Emma Stone - Sally Field - Paul Giamatti - Denis Leary

Saving Mr. Banks

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 28th November 2013

This true story only barely avoids becoming sloppily sentimental, thanks to a solid cast and a final act that generates honest emotion. Awash with the Disney spirit, the film breaks free of the marketing machine...

Tags: Emma Thompson - Tom Hanks - Colin Farrell - Paul Giamatti - Ruth Wilson - Bradley Whitford

The Internship

Video | 13th May 2013

Former salesmen Billy and Nick are left unemployed after the owner of the company that they work for decides to become an internet only business rendering their door-to-door techniques obsolete. In a bid to get...

Tags: Owen Wilson - Vince Vaughn - Rose Byrne - John Goodman - Chuti Tiu - Dylan O'Brien

The Internship

Video | 18th February 2013

Billy and Nick thought they were the perfect sales team, but their careers hit rock bottom when the owner of their company shut up shop due to the ever increasing internet preference among consumers. However,...

Tags: Owen Wilson - Vince Vaughn - Rose Byrne - John Goodman - Chuti Tiu - Dylan O'Brien

The Dictator

Video | 11th January 2012

General Aladeen is the ruler of a country called Wadiya. However, he is not a fair ruler, he is a dictator and his reign over Wadiya becomes cause for concern for the United Nations, who...

Tags: Sacha Baron Cohen - Megan Fox - Anna Faris - Ben Kingsley - John C Reilly - B.J. Novak

The Smurfs

Video | 2nd August 2011

Standing three apples high, the tiny Smurfs live happily and peacefully in their medieval Smurfs village. However, their quiet way of life is threatened by the evil wizard Gargamel and his long-suffering, wise cracking cat...

Tags: Neil Patrick Harris - Jayma Mays - Hank Azaria - Sofia Vergara - TIM GUNN - Jonathan Winters

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