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Avril Lavigne Biography

Avril Lavigne (born Avril Lavigne Whibley, 27.9.1984) is a Grammy award-nominated singer, musician, actress and fashion designer. She was ranked the seventh most powerful Canadian in Hollywood in 2006.

Avril Lavigne's Childhood

Avril Lavigne, the daughter of Judy and John lavigne, was born in Ontario, Canada. Her Father is French-Canadian, and `Avril' is French for `April.' Judy Lavigne was the first to spot her daughter's talents, when Avril began singing along to church songs, aged two. Lavigne won a competition to sing with Shania Twain in 1998 and appeared onstage with Twain in Ottowa to sing `What Made You Say That?' Cliff Fabri, her first professional manager discovered her singing country covers at a bookstore in Ontario.)At 16, she was signed to Arista Records by it's A&R representative, Ken Krongard

Avril Lavigne's Musical Career

Lavigne's first album, Let Go was co-written by Avril and songwriting team, The Matrix, on piano and guitar. The album was released in 2002 and reached number one in Australia, Canada and The UK. Aged 17 at the time, this made Avril Lavigne the youngest female solo artist to have a number one album in the UK up to that time.

Let Go reached four times platinum status and has now sold over 16 million copies worldwide.

Lavigne won the Best New Artist award at the 2002 MTV video Music Awards and won four Juno Awards in 2003 (from six nominations. She also won a World Music Award for being the World's Best Selling Canadian Singer. In addition to this, she was nominated for eight Grammy Awards

The second album released by Avril Lavigne was entitled Under My Skin (2004). It debuted at number one in many countries, including The US, the UK, Japan and Canada. More than 380,000 copies were sold in the US in the first week alone.

Most of the album was co-written by Lavigne, with Canadian singer songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk, and some tracks were co-written by Ben Moody of the band Evanescence as well as her former lead guitarist Evan Taubenfeld and other band members.

The songwriter also co-wrote the song `Breakaway', which was recorded by Kelly Clarkson and peaked inside the US top ten and was a significant hit for Clarkson.

To promote the album, Avril lavigne undertook a `Live and Surprise' tour, playing acoustic sets in shopping malls. The location of the gigs remained a secret until 48 hours before the performance. Other significant performances of this time include representing Canada at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, in 2006. The album has now sold over 8 million copies.

The Best Damn Thing is Avril Lavigne's third album, and was released in 2007. The album debuted at number one in the US. Avril's husband, Derek Whibley, was one producer of the album, along with Rob Cavallo, Butch Walker and Dr Luke.

The Best Damn Thing spawned Lavignes first number one on the Billboard Hot 100. However, the song in question, `Girlfriend' brought about court action against the songwriters, Lavigne and Lukasz Gottwald. Songwriters James Gangwer and Tommy Dunbar claimed that the song ripped-off their 1979 track, `I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend,' originally performed by The Rubinoos. In January 2008, however, they retracted the allegations.

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Blue Green Secondary's picture

Blue Green Secondary

Hey Avril,This is blue green secondary, the one we have a children's book in common. Things are comming into blows. I will find out as much as possible about the assassination of your dog Conan. We also have another dog that has died in the line of duty. This was aka sherlock Holmes, if you remember, I didn't tell you but I saw aka sherlock Holm's at Tri- Agis when I worked there. I also saw Sam S. who is now at 222 Van Ness ave. where I live now. I have one question. When I saw you at "Poser" Cafe in Campbell ave. I wanted to make sure we all remembered seeing Debbie who worked at Bank of america now. Floor representative. Very dangerous. In saratoga I pounded on her friend Cindy for about 1min 30sec. or until advantageously religeous!!!! They both wanted to invest in Children's book "Zeus The Goose." the book was never published and they were told not to get involved. They did anyway. Cindy said how do I get involved anyway. I said we have completed A for Avril, B for Britney, Now we need C for ??? to complete our ABC's. I asked who could the C stand for. She brought her hand back from around her back with no gun in it.; so I made like I was stepping towards door with my right behind me. Brought left to heel of my right. Went to my now left kitty corner with my back to her, came to her with my right in spin to close distance, small studder step, and big balerina spin with contact with back nuckle after spin and a half because she went for gun in purse on table. she thought I was headed for door and took eyes off me. We both turned our backs on each other at same time. I chased after, with Cindy Lad unaware I was spinning right be hind her for about 10ft. I thought she had seen me coming and was running away. She was actually trying to get to her gun before I went out the door; so she could shot me in the back. She started to say, Now this is what I call return on investment. Just as she began to repeat invest, I gave here a lisp and contacted with spin that busted her jaw. I then continued to pound until tender for like I said. James and Nina at house oare also connected in murder of you dog. Conan.explain more later,Brian segarini

3 years 7 months ago
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rebelchick7820's picture


hi Av!!! i heard u r coming out with a new album!!!! I want 2 know when it is coming out!!! ILL B 1ST IN LINE!!! I luv u and i hope u keep singing and dont give up on it. dont leave music 4 movies. plz!!!! kk i luv u bye!! P.S im excited about fast food nation! im gonna b 1st in line 2 c that 2!!!! LUV YA!!!!!!!!!!

7 years 6 months ago
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amna's picture


hey!!!i am ur biggest fan hey ur new song girlfriend really rocks!!!well i also like runaway from ur new album and i wish i could meant u.....

6 years 10 months ago
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Juxy's picture


Hey av i totally agree with ur own desisions and i read u are coming out with a new album so i wont say where r u cause thats crap ur making movies and working on ur album so yah.

7 years 10 months ago
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victoria's picture


Hello ! , i love you . you are amising singer .I hope i can meet you one more

6 years 4 days ago
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i luv u av whered you gooooo? but i have recently heard your coming out w/ new album (hooorayyy!) bye i luv u

7 years 6 months ago
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AbbeyDawn656's picture


I am Avril's BIGGEST fan!!! Most people I know say I'm like a minnie version of Avril!!! :)

4 years 1 month ago
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i wanna C U!!!!!!!!!!!!'s picture

i wanna C U!!!!...


5 years 10 months ago
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Avril lavigne! i hope in the future to see u in one movie to play from the begining until the end. the movie's who u plaing (fast_food_nation,over the herdge and the flock - i have it ofcuse) you play nice i don't say to u anything bad.just i like u and i hope to see u in a full movie.remeber me (george)

6 years 3 months ago
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UniqueFreak's picture


Alot of people are addressing Avril directly. Uh, Avril Lavigne does not own this site, I doubt she'd ever come on here, and if she did, she wouldn't have time to answer stupid questions that she's already answered.For the smart people on here: I know where you can download FREE Avril Lavigne music. http://www.alavigne.com.br/media/The website is not in English, but the titles of the song are. Left click on the song, Save Target As, and download! Or, right click on the song, click the link, and download it from Rapidshare.Also, www.avrilspirt.com is great. There are plenty of other fabulous fansites I know of, but I'm not going to list them all on here.To Any Avril Fans: Listen to music by Krystal Meyers. Anyone who likes Avril will love Krystal. I promise.To Any Avril Haters: Avril Lavigne is NOT punk and never said she was. And does it really matter now that she is girly?

7 years 7 months ago
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