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The Circle

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 11th December 2014

An intriguing combination of drama and documentary, this Swiss film tells a simple story that's compelling and still timely, addressing issues of equality and prejudice from an often startlingly personal perspective. Although since both the...

Tags: Anatole Taubman

Northmen: A Viking Saga - Teaser Trailer

Video | 12th May 2014

Asbjorn is the fearless leader of a Viking gang known as the Northmen. Having been exiled from their homeland, Asbjorn leads his men across the sea Britain to raid the town of Lindisfarne for their...

Tags: Ed Skrein - Ryan Kwanten - James Norton - Tom Hopper - Charlie Murphy - Ken Duken


Video | 4th October 2011

Set in a fictional 1944, Britain has lost D-Day and the Nazi's are starting to occupy the country. One morning, Sarah Lewis wakes up to find her husband has gone, along with the other males...

Tags: Andrea Riseborough - Michael Sheen - Kimberley Nixon - Anatole Taubman - Iwan Rheon

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