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A Most Violent Year

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 22nd January 2015

With this confident drama, J.C. Chandor (Margin Call, All Is Lost) continues to evolve as a filmmaker, giving the mob movie a remarkably thoughtful twist with vivid characters and situations. This film holds us in...

Tags: Oscar Isaac - Jessica Chastain - David Oyelowo - Alessandro Nivola - Albert Brooks - Elyes Gabel


Video | 10th November 2014

“What happens when a man stands up and says ‘enough is enough’?” So goes the question raised by Martin Luther King, Jr. (David Oyelowo) when President Lyndon B. Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) declines to help him...

Tags: David Oyelowo - Tom Wilkinson - Carmen Ejogo - Tim Roth - Oprah Winfrey - Alessandro Nivola

A Most Violent Year

Video | 2nd October 2014

In 1981, New York City saw its most violent year in the city's history. When an immigrant arrives in the city in pursuit of the American Dream, he never expected that his journey would result...

Tags: Oscar Isaac - Jessica Chastain - Albert Brooks - David Oyelowo - Alessandro Nivola - Elyes Gabel

Devil's Knot

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 12th June 2014

Based on the events documented in West of Memphis and the Paradise Lost trilogy, this drama takes an almost clinical approach to the story. By filling in so many details and covering so many perspectives,...

Tags: Colin Firth - Reese Witherspoon - Alessandro Nivola - Dane DeHaan - Kevin Durand - Bruce Greenwood

Devil's Knot

Video | 11th June 2014

Devil's Knot is a biographical thriller drama based on the events of the West Memphis Three case directed by Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter, Chloe) and written by Paul Harris Boardman and Scott Derrickson (Sinister,...

Tags: Reese Witherspoon - Colin Firth - Dane DeHaan - Stephen Moyer - Kevin Durand - Mireille Enos

Bradley Cooper And Christian Bale Arrive At 'American Hustle' NY Premiere - Part 1

Footage | 17th December 2013

Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale, the leading male actors in crime drama film 'American Hustle', are spotted at the New York screening held at the Ziegfeld Theater. The duo play crime-fighting partners Richie DiMaso and...

Tags: Bradley Cooper - Christian Bale - Elisabeth Rohm - Alessandro Nivola - Alicia Quarles - Erin Cummings

American Hustle

Video | 3rd December 2013

Irving Rosenfeld is a conman whose impressively deft criminal exploits have eluded authorities for years. However, when he finds himself forced to use his talents for good as he is roped into an FBI sting...

Tags: Christian Bale - Jennifer Lawrence - Amy Adams - Bradley Cooper - Robert De Niro - Jeremy Renner

American Hustle - International Trailer

Video | 4th November 2013

Whilst running a con, being anonymous is very important. Keeping past operations secret and your personal life out of reach from potential targets is just as important as running the actual hustle. For years Irving...

Tags: Christian Bale - Amy Adams - Bradley Cooper - Jennifer Lawrence - Robert De Niro - Jeremy Renner

American Hustle

Video | 2nd September 2013

Irving Rosenfeld is one of America's most talented con artists but his world of ladies and luxury is hanging in the balance when threatening circumstances force him, along with his temptress business partner and lover...

Tags: Christian Bale - Bradley Cooper - Jennifer Lawrence - Amy Adams - Robert De Niro - Jeremy Renner

Ginger And Rosa

Video | 7th February 2013

Ginger and Rosa are teenage girls in the '60s and have vowed to always be the very best of friends. Together they skip school, do each other's hair and talk about everything from politics to...

Tags: Elle Fanning - Christina Hendricks - Alice Englert - Annette Bening - Timothy Spall - Oliver Platt

Ginger and Rosa

by Rich Cline | Movie Review | 19th October 2012

An extraordinary cast lifts this grim British drama into something watchable, even if the script ultimately gives up trying to make any sense. The main problem is that the story is very badly fragmented, but...

Tags: Elle Fanning - Alice Englert - Christina Hendricks - Annette Bening - Alessandro Nivola - Jodhi May

Janie Jones

Video | 27th October 2011

Ethan Brand is the frontman of a once successful shabby rock band who is slowly on the decline. One night, the band is preparing to go on stage when a former groupie, Mary Ann, shows...

Tags: Abigail Breslin - Alessandro Nivola - Elisabeth Shue - Brittany Snow - Peter Stormare - Joel Moore

Coco Before Chanel

Video | 7th July 2009

Watch the trailer for Coco Before ChanelCoco Chanel was one of the pioneering women who empowered women all over the world with her new clothing designs, out with the traditional corsets and in with radical...

Tags: Audrey Tautou - Alessandro Nivola - Benoit Poelvoorde - Marie Gillain - Emmanuelle Devos - Anne Fontaine

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