Adele Exarchopoulos Trailers

Blue Is The Warmest Colour Trailer

Year 2013 | Genre Romance

Synopsis - Adele is a 15-year-old French girl with very definite ideas about a future career in teaching. However, she is thrust into a whirlwind of confusion when she meets a quirky...

Directed by Abdellatif Kechiche

Starring , , , Jeremie Laheurte, Catherine Salee, Aurelien Recoing, Mona Walravens, Sandor Funtek

I Used To Be Darker Trailer

Year 2013 | Genre Dramas

Synopsis - Kim and Bill are two musicians who have sadly reached the end of their marriage, attempting to separate as amicably and painlessly as possible in order to help their daughter...

Directed by Matthew Porterfield

Starring Deragh Campbell, Hannah Gross, Ned Oldham, Kim Taylor, Nicholas Petr, Geoff Grace, John Belanger, Jack Carneal, Juan Eloy Carrera,


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