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Judge Rules Against Sanitised Movies

12th July 2006

A US federal judge ended a six-year trial on Monday (11JUL06) by ruling it is illegal for distribution companies to release sanitised versions of movies, because it infringes the rights of film-makers. Directors including STEVEN...

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Portman To Play Indiana Jones' Daughter?

10th July 2006

NATALIE PORTMAN is being lined up to play INDIANA JONES' daughter in the fourth and final movie adventure to star HARRISON FORD as the daredevil archaeologist. THE PERFECT STORM star KAREN ALLEN, who is expected...

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Father's Day Honours For Top Movie Dads

17th June 2006

AMERICAN PIE star EUGENE LEVY, SIR SEAN CONNERY, STEVE MARTIN, GENE HACKMAN and ALEC BALDWIN have been handed Father's Day (18JUN06) honours for their comical portrayals of dads on the big screen. The quintet form...

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Spielberg's Bond Dreams Dashed By Cubby

12th June 2006

Movie mogul STEVEN SPIELBERG created action man INDIANA JONES after twice being snubbed as a JAMES BOND film director by super producer CUBBY BROCCOLI. The JAWS director reveals he had two meetings with Broccoli about...

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Keane Star's Childhood Embarrassment

9th June 2006

KEANE star TOM CHAPLIN is amazed he is still pals with bandmate TIM RICE-OXLEY, as he embarrassed him in front of his parents at an early age. The pair have been close since childhood, but...

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Lucas: 'Indiana Jones Is All About The Script'

11th May 2006

Maverick movie-maker GEORGE LUCAS has vowed the latest INDIANA JONES movie will favour dialogue over stunts. The STAR WARS director is refusing to let impressive action sequences dominate the fourth installment in the HARRISON FORD-starring...

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Connery To Announce Movie Retirement At Afi

8th April 2006

SIR SEAN CONNERY is expected to officially announce he is quitting Hollywood when he collects his Lifetime Achievement Award at the American Film Institute (AFI) later this year (06). Connery, who is recuperating after undergoing...

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Ford And Connery Reunite For Indiana Jones 4

5th April 2006

HARRISON FORD has thrilled fans by hinting at a reunion with SIR SEAN CONNERY on the set of the much-anticipated fourth INDIANA JONES movie. The Scottish screen legend wowed fans as the action archeologist's father...

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Ford Considering Comedy

24th March 2006

Stern Hollywood actor HARRISON FORD wants to ditch serious movie roles and try his hand at comedy. The veteran actor, famous for his roles as Jedi Knight LUKE SKYWALKER in STAR WARS, CIA man JACK...

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Ford Desperate For Sporting Prowess

23rd March 2006

Hollywood star HARRISON FORD has branded himself a failed father - because he can't teach his fiancee CALISTA FLOCKHART's adopted son LIAM to play soccer. The 63-year-old INDIANA JONES actor and father to four children...

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Ford Dismisses Retirement Rumours

23rd March 2006

Movie veteran HARRISON FORD has refused to retire any time soon, although he will be a senior citizen in just two years time. The 63-year-old, who did his own fight scenes in recent thriller FIREWALL,...

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Ford: 'I Wish I Was Bald'

1st March 2006

HARRISON FORD hates being a rugged and good looking screen idol - and wishes he was bald. Ford still has a full head of hair at 63 and is about to begin work on...

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Jurassic Park 4 To Begin Shooting Next Year

22nd February 2006

Director STEVEN SPIELBERG will begin filming the fourth installment of JURASSIC PARK next year (07). The MUNICH director is currently getting ready to resurrect the INDIANA JONES franchise with HARRISON FORD later this year...

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Spielberg Confirms Indiana Jones 4

21st February 2006

Director STEVEN SPIELBERG will begin filming the long-awaited fourth INDIANA JONES movie later this year (06). The SAVING PRIVATE RYAN Oscar-winner had remained tight-lips over his involvement with the highly anticipated project, but he...

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Ferrell's Old School Boozer Celebrated In Drinking Poll

21st February 2006

WILL FERRELL's party-loving OLD SCHOOL character FRANK 'THE TANK' RICARD has topped a quirky new list of The Greatest Movie Drinkers. Ferrell's character beat DUDLEY MOORE's ARTHUR, JACKIE CHAN's WONG FEI-HUNG and INDIANA JONES'...

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Madsen Favourite To Play Indiana Jones' Girl

2nd February 2006

SIDEWAYS star VIRGINIA MADSEN so impressed co-star HARRISON FORD in new thriller FIREWALL, she's now the frontrunner to play his love interest in the fourth INDIANA JONES adventure. Madsen plays Ford's wife in the...

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Ford Beats Bettany

30th January 2006

HARRISON FORD proved experience wins over youth, when he humiliated young British star PAUL BETTANY in fight scenes for their new movie FIREWALL. Bettany, 34, spent three days attempting to 'beat up' the INDIANA...

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Ford Gives Spielberg + Lucas Indiana Jones Deadline

18th January 2006

LATEST: HARRISON FORD has given movie moguls STEVEN SPIELBERG and GEORGE LUCAS a two-year time frame to make the fourth INDIANA JONES film. The ageing action man is confident the next instalment of the...

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Flockhart Denies Loving Ford At First Sight

19th December 2005

Actress CALISTA FLOCKHART doesn't believe in love at first sight and took time to fall for HARRISON FORD.. The former ALLY McBEAL star, 41, has been dating the 63-year-old INDIANA JONES actor since they...

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Yeoh To Play Indy's Sidekick?

17th October 2005

Former BOND girl MICHELLE YEOH is set to become another hero's sidekick - she's in negotiations to star in the fourth INDIANA JONES film. Yeoh has reportedly been in talks with STEVEN SPIELBERG about...

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Brando's Corleone Tops Greatest Movie Character List

8th August 2005

MARLON BRANDO's turn as VITO CORLEONE in FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA's classic THE GODFATHER has been named the greatest movie character of all time. Brando, who won an Oscar for his performance as the mafia...

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Osment Set For Indy Movie

5th August 2005

THE SIXTH SENSE star HALEY JOEL OSMENT will take over as INDIANA JONES on the big screen if HARRISON FORD's last starring turn as the action archaeologist is a hit. The 17-year-old actor remains...

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Author Fights Lucas

24th June 2005

A Scottish author is suing director GEORGE LUCAS for $3.6 million (GBP2 million), claiming he is owed money from a book he wrote based on the 1981 INDIANA JONES film RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK....

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Flockhart Set For Indiana Jones Iv

14th June 2005

HARRISON FORD's real-life lover CALISTA FLOCKHART looks set to play his onscreen girlfriend in the latest INDIANA JONES adventure. Flockhart admits she would be interested in the part if she "could kick his butt"....

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Lucas: 'Ford's Not Too Old'

12th June 2005

Acclaimed director GEORGE LUCAS has slammed reports HARRISON FORD is too old to play his famous character INDIANA JONES in the forthcoming fourth installment. The STAR WARS movie-maker is co-writing the script...

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Martin Begs Spielberg For Movie Role

5th May 2005

COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN has begged director pal STEVEN SPIELBERG for a role in one of his films. The YELLOW singer is currently staying at the OSCAR winner's Los Angeles mansion, and he admits...

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Cruz Wows The Harshest Critics Of All: Her Own Family

30th March 2005

Latin actress PENELOPE CRUZ amazed her family with her performance in action movie SAHARA, because it was the last thing they expected of her. The sexy 30-year-old is not known for being physical in...

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Connery Dumped $17.5 Million Role

11th February 2005

SIR SEAN CONNERY missed out on a staggering $17.5 million (GBP9.2 million) payday because he walked away from the leading role in upcoming movie JOSIAH'S CANON. The 74-year-old Scot agreed to star in the...

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Day-lewis Is The Ultimate Film Man In New Poll

4th February 2005

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS has been honoured as the Best Man in top health magazine MEN'S HEALTH first Movie Awards for portraying manhood at its best in THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. The GANGS OF NEW...

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Indiana Jones Iv Back On

27th October 2004

GEORGE LUCAS and STEVEN SPIELBERG have hired a new scriptwriter to help them revive plans for a fourth INDIANA JONES movie. The pair hoped to begin work on the sequel this summer (04) but...

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