See First Shots Of Paul Giamatti As Rhino In The Amazing Spider Man 2! [Pictures]

The first pictures of Paul Giamatti as Rhino for the forthcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have emerged and boy do they show him looking angry (and also a bit chavvy in an Adidas tracksuit.)

So just in case not all of you have read the Spider-Man comics, here’s a bit of history about our main man Rhino. Rhino is one of Spider-Man’s villains who gets by more on brute force and anger than any real brain power, which you’d think would make him pretty easy for Spidey to fool, but the super villain – who spent a lot of his time fighting The Incredible Hulk in the comics too – has super strength and super speed after being on the wrong end of a science experiment (naturally) and is impervious to high caliber bullets, extreme heat and even tank fire in some cases. As if that’s not badass enough, he also has a suit which merely enhances these traits. He might be a bit hotheaded but it’s pretty clear that Rhino is no villain to be trifled with.

We’ve got a few pictures below of Giamatti on set, The Amazing Spider Man 2 currently being filmed in New York. It has to be said, he doesn’t look all that scary to us at the moment, but we imagine once all manner of special effects have been added he’s going to appear pretty formidable indeed. We’re excited.

Paul Giamatti
Should Spidey really be scared of this guy?

Paul Giamatti Rhino
Laughing and joking. Presumably the raged kick in just seconds later

Paul Giamatti Spider Man
Duelling with Spidey

Check out more pictures of Paul Giamatti as Rhino.


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