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First thing to note about the new Quicksilver is he has no white lighting bolt, (boo!) He also doesn't have white hair either (double boo!) Still the new look is very much in keeping with the Quicksilver we know, mainly he’s dressed in a blue bodysuit so what more can we ask for, really. In saying that the millennial Quicksilver does still look a lot more ordinary than his comic book counterpart, still it is an improvement on Evan Peter’s 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' look, where we saw the same character.

Aaron JohnsonNo lightning bolt for Aaron Johnson's Quicksilver

Come on, we all knew Whedon was going to give us something a little more ‘down to earth’ shall we say with these two character’s looks. They do at least fit in with the rest of the 'Avengers' crowd. The hardcore comic fans might be initially taken a back a bit, especially by the Scarlet Witch, but we should know by now that all our favourite comic book characters are in pretty good hands. Still lets hope at least Scarlett gets a cool headband at some point, if not how’s anybody going to know she’s got superpowers?

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