Hours Until 'Great British Bake Off' Finale: Who Should Be Crowned Victor?

The Great British Bake Off's finale is less than two hours away and we can exclusively announce that the winner will be female! Indeed, the hugely successful BBC2 series has an all-female finale with Ruby Tandoh, Frances Quinn and Kimberley Wilson battling it out to be crowned the series' star baker. We've seen memorable faces picked off by judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry over the past nine weeks, including the loveably bungling Glenn, the "man who can't tell the difference between salt and sugar" Toby, the neurotic bespectacled Howard and the angry Welshwoman and Macaron-master Becca.

Great British Bake Off Finalists
Ruby, Kimberley & Frances Prepare To Do Battle.

So let's take a look at the final three!

Ruby Tandoh

There are plenty of reasons why Ruby will win but these probably number just as many reasons why she shouldn't. The Bake Off's youngest competitor has had to balance her studying with her baking during the series which has led to some rather unsatisfying bakes followed by claims of favouritism after she made it through the final rounds. Nine out of ten of Ruby's entries and dumped of the table in front of judges Mary and Paul with a gaze-down, sullen "sorry."

Tandoh is clearly lacking in the confidence and saccharin, giggling personality of her two rivals but after an elimination scare mid-way through the series, she picked up her game and focussed more on her technical skills. The former model has received a nasty internet backlash from those who are clearly jealous of her baking ability and looks, claim the young baker flirts back and forth with Paul Hollywood, and argue that her technical ability is still nowhere near the perfectionism of Kimberley or Frances. Nevertheless, Tandoh has emerged as one of the final three gateaux gladiators

The future for Ruby? If she wins, there'll be a surefire cookery show spin-off and/or book deal followed by a potential career in media. If she loses, she'll shuffle on back to her London uni, enjoy a brief spotlight and keep on churning out some slightly better baked products from her student kitchen.

Great British Bake Off Contestants
13 Has Been Picked Off To Just 3.

Kimberley Wilson

Across the board Kimberley has emerged as the most composed and consistent competitor as week after week she's pulled out more professional-looking products than ever before. The twice-crowned star baker is endlessly giggly and complimentary of her co-contestants but a steely resolve, a narrow-eyed rivalry and a repulsed attitude to criticism has soured her image for many. Negative features of her baking are met with grimacing and confusion and her somewhat forced enthusiasm for the nastiest of technical challenges has led to a certain grating...and we're not talking about cheese on top of a perfectly proved loaf.

The future for Kimberley? With a smile that radiant and a technique so precise, Kimberley's crying out for her own BBC cooking show. The teaching way she narrates her every stir, sift and prove may annoy many but this psychologist knows exactly who she's pitching her skills to. And if she loses? That show will be on Channel 4.

Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood Will Select A Champion.

Frances Quinn

Has there ever been a GBBO baker as creative as Ms. Quinn? Not content with merely scraping by each week, Frances sets herself a personal challenge to make each bake more and more outrageously eccentric than the next with hidden squirrels, musically-themed petits fours and last week's mini allotment of baking charm wowing visually and psyching out her rivals. However, beneath Frances' unquestionable artistic skill lies a questionable talent for baking; the judges have scored Quinn's bakes low on many an occasion due to a lack of flavour or interest inside the bake. Frances' would have been a runaway victory had she not had a few too many mishaps (the biscuit button collapse?) and rounds of disdain from the judges hungry for some actual substance.

Paul Mary Sue Mel
What'll We Do Without Our Bad Baking Puns?!

The future for Frances?

If she wins, there'll be a cosy spokesperson position as the face of the WI and her own range of cake decorating tools. Not to mention hundreds of women swamping hairdressers asking for her hairdo: cute and practical don't'cha know? If she loses? Probably a bespoke cake business specialising in eccentric yet ingenious designs that will be forced to close after three months when everyone realises the cakes taste like ash.

Our money's on Ms. Consistency AKA Kimberley Wilson right now with her virtually faultless skills and sunny, telly-ready charms. Polarising Ruby seems to be the favourite for many with her astounding ability to pull through against the odds but nobody was more ready for this competition like the sugarcraft sculptress Frances, who may just build a cake-based mindwarp machine to ensure her victory.

Tell us who you think should win!


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